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Advertising With The 1st Five

We use the fine folks at Project Wonderful for our advertising. In the end this really works out best for you, the person wanting to advertise with us. Project Wonderful uses a system not unlike eBay to put bids on our ad space for a certain amount of time. For a site like ours that has a wonderful readership of thousands of readers every month, but is also still building a name for itself, that means you can often control our ad boxes for as cheap as a dollar a day. Often even cheaper. No matter what you place as your highest bid you’ll only pay as much as the next highest bidder is willing. This can save you tons of money while putting you in front of a readership that is growing with every passing day.

It would be easy for us to run these ourselves, charge 25 bucks a month for each ad, and make more money than we do now. But frankly we enjoy the democracy that comes with using Project Wonderful.

For more information or to place an ad with The 1st Five please visit Project Wonderful.

Donations/Kind Words

If you would like to make a donation to help offset the costs of running The 1st Five please contact our editor john (at) the1stfive.com. Even if it’s just for a contest or to give a kind word. He really loves that stuff.

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