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Nashville’s Idle Bloom Share First Single Off Debut EP ‘Some Paranoia’

Idle BloomFrom the ol’ inbox:

Idle Bloom is a four-piece band that is emboldened through textures. The Nashville based project is composed of Olivia (vocals & guitars), Callan (vocals & guitar), Katie (bass), and Weston (drums). They recently completed their debut E.P, “Some Paranoia”, recorded by Shibby Poole and mastered by Jade Payne. The songs are haunting yet empowering; enticing with lyrics and vocals that demand to be heard and the instruments achieve soothing qualities that, just as poignantly, become jarring.

Idle Bloom came together in 2014 and had their first show at the Exit/In on March 17th, a venue they frequented separately and finally occupied together. Prior to assembling, Olivia and Katie played side-by-side in Fancytramp and pushed each other to grow musically until they met Callan and Weston, who are fundamental in evolving the layering of sounds they have today.

The band’s heterogeneous tracks come from a wide spectrum of experiences and influences. Olivia is a driven activist/poet who left New York City for the sleepier aesthetic that Nashville provided in 2008. Emotionally heavy hitting musicians like PJ Harvey, Tori Amos and Sleater-Kinney have influenced her musically and ethically to create songs that resonate long after she writes, screams, and sings them. Callan arrived in Nashville later to pursue audio engineering at Belmont University, but had already refined her guitar techniques playing in the metal scene of Raleigh, North Carolina. Her partiality for shoegaze and post rock is evident in her ongoing obsession with pedals, pedals and more pedals.

Katie was prompted to pick up her instrument at a young age through her dad’s history of playing bass for extra cash in the 70s. Katie finds herself drawn to aggressive music, bands like Electric Wizard, Smashing Pumpkins, True Widow, and more. Weston began drumming after continuously being scolded by teachers to stop tapping and banging on shit in the classroom, to the soundtrack of bands like The Prodigy and Aphex Twin, curators of sound that prompted him to infuse frantic beats and subtle amen-style rhythms to Idle Bloom’s psychedelic vibe.

“Some Paranoia” is the perfect showcase of Idle Bloom’s need to explore sound. No two songs sound alike, and yet it reads like a cohesive story. The way this band accesses different states, musicians and various art forms results in a complex sonic weave. They defy being subjected to one genre and, in turn, blow away listeners with their unique onstage presence and sound that cannot be duplicated.

Idle Bloom EPSome Parnoia EP Tracklisting:
01 “No Body/No Control”
02 “Some Paranoia”
03 “Mind Reader”
04 “Snake in the Grass”
05 “Pride Line”
06 “Old Bone”

Pink Frost Premiere First Track From Revised Debut ‘Gargoyle Days’

Pink FrostIt’s not secret we have penchant for all things shoegaze and dreampop around here. So it comes as no surprise that we checked out Pink Frost when we first heard about them. We’ll let the press release do the talking, but trust in knowing that if you dig on the same we do, you’ll like them very much!

Chicago’s critically-praised quartet Pink Frost premiere the first track today from the upcoming release of a completely remixed and remastered update to their debut album, Gargoyle Days. Originally released under the band’s previous moniker Apteka in 2011, Gargoyle Days has been painstakingly reworked from the original analog tapes. The driving anthem “Striking Violet” premieres via New Noise Magazine and is available to hear and share HERE. (Direct Soundcloud HERE.)

Now the 9-song album packs even more punch and sonic breadth representative of the band’s live sound. Plus, with new artwork and under the band’s new name, it’s not just a polished artifact, but a unique rebirth for the album that made many Best of 2011 lists, including Time Out Chicago.

Pink Frost is also currently in the studio recording the followup to their breakthrough 2014 album Sundowning, which received an onslaught of praise from such revered outlets as Pitchfork, SPIN, Noisey, Magnet Magazine and Chicago Reader, as well as song placements in a feature film (“The Lookalike”), TV’s The Vampire Diaries, CSI:Miami and more.

Like Sundowning and last fall’s Traitors EP, the new album is also being recorded at Steve Albini’s legendary Electrical Audio in Chicago with engineer Gregoire Yeche. It promises more of Pink Frost’s intense yet always tuneful signature of heavy-yet-droning hook-laden anthemic rock.

Pink Frost is often compared to bands ranging from Ride to Smashing Pumpkins to Dinosaur Jr. to Deerhunter and beyond.

Gargoyle Days was mixed with Adam Stilson, mastered by Jason Ward and will be available on CD and download via Smart Like Virus Records on December 4th, 2015.

Quiet Hollers Cover A Madonna Song…And It’s Glorious

Quiet HollersLouisville, KY’s Quiet Hollers may straddle that fine line between indie rock and alt-country, but give it up for them for having a post-punk attitude and sense of humor which is none more evident in their very-cheeky cover of Madonna’s “Material Girl”. The song itself is not on their newest record, but that didn’t stop the band from not only covering it but also making a video for it. As the band wrote: “This fan-chosen cover song was recorded in the home studio of Shadwick Wilde, and shot by the band dudes after practice one night.”


Ringo Deathstarr Cover ‘Heart And Soul’ by T’Pau

image001Texan shoegaze pioneers Ringo Deathstarr are gearing up for the release of their fifth album Pure Mood out via Club AC30 on November 20th. As an added bonus for fans, but not on the album, the band has veered into an interesting cover song of the 80’s hit “Heart And Soul” by T’Pau. Yes, that song. Listen to it below.

Ringo Deathstarr was formed by Elliot Frazer in his hometown of Beaumont, but he soon relocated to the more musically active town of Austin. After a string of successful releases they settled on a solid line-up with Daniel Coborn and G.G. Alex before playing their knockout show at Reverence Festival in 2010 that secured them a place with Club AC30, the innovative label responsible for the recent successful releases by Pinkshinyultrablast, Taffy, Fever Dream and Flyying Colours amongst others.

“We have never spent as much time on any album before, but it was only a few hours a day maybe 3 times a week…sometimes less. Waiting for the album to be released is the hardest part because we are ready to get out there and show it to the world!” The band eagerly anticipate the release of their next album; rightly so – pensive and pounding, ‘Pure Mood’ oozes all things dank, dark and dreamy. The 12 track LP, to be released in November, presents a vivid and searing collection of songs that re-imagine the shoegaze genre, allowing Ringo Deathstarr to soar beyond their contemporaries.

The aptly named opening track ‘Dream Again’ is sung by bassist G.G Alex, whose delicate voice echoes eerily over the spectral, otherworldly chords that pluck underneath. ‘Heavy Metal Suicide’ & ‘Stare At The Sun’ contain the same cathartic droning that has been previously celebrated by genre forefathers, My Bloody Valentive and Slowdive. Tracks like ‘Never’ and ‘Boys In Heat’ plunge the band and listener alike deep into the uncharted sonic depths of unadulterated, decadent sound. Elliott Frazer’s vocals accentuate the eruption of noise behind his anthemic lyrics, dipping in and out of brief moments of clarity before bursting back into the manic grit of songs like ‘Big Bopper’ and ‘Frisbee’. There’s a daring clash of fury and fragility throughout ‘Pure Mood’ that demonstrates Ringo Deathstarr are not just reliving a scene, they’re re-inventing it with their shattering use of chaotic guitars and haunting voices.

‘Pure Mood’ is a complex thrill-ride that’s seeped in fervent shoegaze and lingering lyricism, proving Ringo Deathstarr are the torch-bearers of the movement and continue to contort and mutate into something beautiful. The 12 track LP will be released on November 20th via Club AC30.

Milk Teeth Premiere Video for New Song “Brickwork”

Milk TeethRight off their upcoming new album Vile Child, to be released on January 29th via Hopeless Records, Milk Teeth have premiered the video for new song “Brickwork”. The track lends itself to Milk Teeth‘s post-grunge alternative sound while coming across more polished and “clean” when compared to previous outings. This not only shows a band that has been honing their craft and sound through incessant touring and live shows, but also moving forward into a cohesiveness in their songwriting. Plus it’s awesome to see bassist/vocalist Becky Blomfield are the forefront and showing off her bass chops halfway through the song.

SHEER Join The Native Sound for Debut LP ‘Uneasy’

SheerSimi Valley’s Sheer have joined up with The Native Sound for the release of their debut LP Uneasy. The band easily mixes a blend of emo and straight-up 90’s indie pop noise sounds that would have fit squarely in Sub Pop’s roster during the heyday of bands like Eric’s Trip and Velocity Girl.

Part shoegaze, part 90s-alternative and grunge, Uneasy is the debut album and inaugural release from Simi Valley’s Sheer. Formed in the summer of 2014, quickly becoming a staple in the greater LA scene, Sheer channel an earnestness redolent to that of mid-90s emo and indie rock, while primarily occupying a reverb-induced space suggestive of Galaxie 500 and The Jesus And Mary Chain.

While Uneasy introduces the band as one with a kinship for catchy, pop-informed melodies, their focus relies most heavily on building evocative and emotive soundscapes.

Uneasy will be released on November 20th on limited edition cassette tapes, and digital download and streaming outlets. Order from The Native Sound here.

v600_ALBUM_ARTUneasy Tracklisting
1. Monochrome
2. Ojai
3. Bored To Death
4. Mask
5. Cursed Again
6. Orion
7. Skin
8. Yesterdays Weather
9. Waste Away
10. Heavenly
11. Uneasy

Mamiffer Announce New Album To Be Released In November

Mamiffer, the continued musical collaboration of Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner, have announced a new album to be released in November via their own Sige Records. The album titled Crater, is also their four-year collaboration with musician and artist Daniel Menche.

More info and details soon. Dig the cover artwork below in the meantime.


Baby Shakes Premiere Video for “I’ll Be Alright”

Baby Shakes BandNYC garage-pop wonders Baby Shakes have premiered a video for the song “I’ll Be Alright” off their newest LP Starry Eyes. The video is a romp through their European tour with live footage of their shows and more.

Old Man Gloom To Release Live Album ‘Mickey Rookey Live at London’ in 2016. Preview Live Track Now.

Old Man GloomSludge-metal purveyors Old Man Gloom will be releasing a live album in 2016. Titled Mickey Rookey Live at London, it will be across 18 tracks recorded on 3rd of April 2014 in London. It will its release via Ektro Records. No set date yet but you can see the tracklisting below as well as preview a song off it, “Jaws Of The Lion”.

Old Man Gloom is Aaron Turner, Santos Montaño, Caleb Scofield, Nate Newton

1. Shadowed / Gift
2. Flood II
3. Branch Breaker
4. Accord-o-Matic
5. Common Species
6. Regain/Rejoin 
7. The Lash
8. Christmas Eve pt III
9. Hot Salvation
10. Jaws of the Lion
11. Skullstorm
12. Sleeping With Snakes
13. Rape Athena
14. To Carry the Flame (radio edit) 
15. Scraps Theatre Presents:
16. Zozobra pts. I – III
17. Afraid Of
18. Bells Dark Above Our Heads

Introducing: Miracle Drug

Miracle DrugMiracle Drug is a hardcore band from Louisville, KY”.

As such it says enough about the band from their own bio. They hail from Louisville, KY sure enough and their sound is evidence of the city’s rich history in the hardcore and punk scene. Miracle Drug is comprised of members who have cut their teeth in bands like Mouthpiece, Supertouch, By The Grace of God, and C.R., and their experiences come across in their music. They’re an older generation of hardcore kids who have grown-up and have the trappings of all kinds of adult responsabilities and yet are still pissed off and uncomprimising in their love for music.

Miracle Drug‘s music is deeply-rooted in the hardcore of past, 90’s to be exact if we were willing to gamble, but as the band puts it, “live in the present, existing in the moment, channeling the experiences of the past through the energy and excitement of the future.” This mentality and approach of course makes MD‘s sound feel familiar and embraced by those still in the scene and even those who may have “grown out of it”.

Listening to the band’s demo is proof of this. At a fierce & brief 12 minutes, the demo was recorded at Treehouse audio by Trip Barringer (White Reaper, Black God). “[Our demo] is a blast of blistering, metallic tinged hardcore that would be right at home blasting through the PA of any sweaty DIY venue in the country.” If you’re not sold on that alone, then you’ve been doing HxC wrong all these years.