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MAMIFFER Premiere New Song “Enantiodromia” and Launch New LP Pre-orders

MamifferMamiffer have not only launched pre-orders for their new LP Statu Nascendi, but they have also premiered a new song off it, “Enantiodromia”. The lengthy track finds Coloccia and Turner treading some new grounds in not only sonic textures but also getting a bit heavier in their sound. The haunting and ethereal elements of Mamiffer‘s music is ever-present and the way it builds up in tone and ambience makes the song even more memorable and menacing.

In a recent short interview with Self-Titled Magazine, Coloccia expands on the song itself:

“Enantiodromia” is based on a song we have been playing live for about four years. It is based on a 4-track demo that became the song “Death Shawl” (from the first Mamiffer album ‘Hirror Enniffer’). Later I played that same demo backwards as part of a recording for the song “Dead Settlers”, which is one of the first songs Aaron and I wrote together. Learning to play this was a great challenge for me as the original organ composition was backwards and I had to reinterpret and transpose it for the live setting. Once we had begun to perform it the song began to re-write itself into “Enantiodromia”; in its original incarnation the song held a very dark shadow energy, and now as it has changed through the years, it has become a bringer of light. This song is very special to me.”

Pre-order Statu Nascendi here.

Video: Mannequin Pussy – “My Baby (Axe Nice)” (Bonus Video: “Clue Juice”)

There is no denying that Brooklyn three-piece noiseters Mannequin Pussy have the single-best name of a band in ages, but their style of loud Mannequin Pussyand snotty-as-fuck punk is great. The band just recently debuted a video for the song “My Baby (Axe Nice)” off their Gypsy Pervert LP from Tiny Engines. The song is a bit more subdued than their usual sound but it goes to show the band’s willingness to stretch out and not be stuck in any given category. Check it.

As an added bonus, we also got the video for “Clue Juice” which is more bombastic and loud and the video itself is a glimpse into a Mannequin Pussy house show and party. As it should very well damn be!

Mannequin Pussy, “Clue Juice” from Impose on Vimeo.

Black Metal Has Finally Reached the Mainstream Masses. Sorta.

In what has got to be the funniest and most amusing TV commercial from overseas, Finnish cough drops brand ZYX have devised a pretty genius take on their product and how it helps black metal vocalists. Just watch and let it amuse you.

WILDHONEY Premiere New Song “Fall In”

WildhoneyBaltimore newgazers Wildhoney have a new album coming out, Sleep Through It on Jan. 20 on Deranged and Forward Records. While we wait with abated breath for it, the band has graciously premiered a new song off it, “Fall In”. The song is more restrained and subdued when compared to previous efforts but it has a more noisy feel and delves deeper into the pop elements of the shoegaze and dream pop that Wildhoney has carefully crafted to be all their own. Lauren Shusterich’s vocals add a more languid and softer feel to the overall delivery.

Wildhoney are a band that you can drift away with.

Vinyl Nerds: Kevin Devine, “She Can Hear Me” 7″ Single

Kevin Devine She Can See Me vinylBad Timing Records have announced the upcoming release of a 7″ single for Kevin Devine‘s “She Can See Me”. You can pre-order the 7″ now in the Bad Timing Records store. The 7″ includes the two different versions of the single, which originally appeared on Bulldozer and Bubblegum.

The release represents a partnership between Bad Timing Records, Kevin Devine‘s own Devinyl Records, and Manchester Orchestra‘s Favorite Gentleman Recordings. This team up is expected to mastermind several more releases throughout 2015, so be sure to check back to keep up with the latest  news.

Video: CHASMS – “Riser”

ChasmsFrom the full-length LP Subtle Bodies, Bay Area’s CHASMS have premiered a video for the song “Riser”. The video as directed by M.J. Bernier, showcases not only the duo of Jess Labrador & Sky Madden pushing forth their unique style of noise-filled, reverb-ladden dream pop, but it’s the hazy and almost surreal images that are as haunting as the song itself.

MAMIFFER Premiere Video for “Caelestis Partus”

MamifferMamiffer, the collaborative duo of Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turne, and sometimes invited guests, have premiered a video for the song “Caelestis Partus” off their upcoming new LP Statu Nascendi due out on November 8th via SIGE Records. The song, and album, are new material from the group in some time now, and explore the evolution of their take of noise and ambient sounds that create a unique listening experience. Mamiffer‘s music is one to easily get lost in and shut out the world.

The video for “Caelestis Partus” was shot and created by Daniel Menche, who has also worked musically with Coloccia and Turner. The black & white images presented in the video are all hazy and blurry, giving you the sense of the visualization of a daydream that the languid music and Coloccia’s dream-like vocals provide.

Mamiffer – Caelestis from Daniel Menche on Vimeo.

Video: YOUTH CODE – “Consuming Guilt”

Youth CodeL.A.’s Youth Code have premiered a video for the track “Consuming Guilt” off their just-released EP A Place To Stand. The video, shot and directed by Grant Singer, is a jarring and nightmarish visual trip through the inhumane practice of animal testing in labs. Intersped with actual images and footage of lab animals being tested on, the tables are turned when the subjects are humans. It opens a new window into how inhumane the somehow-still legal practice. This is the stuff nightmares are made of partnered with pummeling electronic industrial music.

On a lighter note about the video, you may catch a cameo by a certain George Lesage of Deafheaven.

KITTYHAWK Premieres Video for “Welcome Home”

KittyhawkRight off their upcoming full-length LP, Hello, Again, out today, Chicago’s Kittyhawk have premiered a video for the lead-off song “Welcome Home”.

In the Mitchell Wojcik-directed video, the band joins a cult, drinks the literal Kool-Aid and goes to heaven for an absolutely epic pillow fight.

Kittyhawk play the sort of wry, dryly sweet pop songs that call to mind early 2000s bands such as Rainer Maria and The Anniversary. Trading bass guitar for a Farfiza organ, the band is anchored by the charming l harmonies of singer Kate Grube, whose narrative lyrics push their songs forward, inviting listeners to lean in a little closer.

Kittyhawk announced a Fall European tour this week with Count Your Lucky Stars labelmates Dowsing in addition to their currently scheduled dates this week with Nai Harvest. Dates after the video.

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Introducing: FADE

FadeFeaturing members of hardcore bands Shrapnel and Violent Reaction, Birgmingham, Leeds’ FADE push forward the envelope and style of 90′s fuzzed-out indie rock that is closely reminisces such groups like Hum, Swervedriver, and to this writer, Gwen Mars. But FADE aren’t merely aping those sounds of scenes of music past. Oh no. They’re taking that very familiar and much-loved underground template and putting a very youthful spin on it that will easily appeal to jaded fans of the days of MTV’s 120 Minutes and true college radio bands and anyone deeply enamored with today’s newgaze scene led by bands like Whirr, Nothing, and Pity Sex in a much more fuzzier and melodic aspect.

FADE have been around since mid-2013 and already making some waves with fans, especially those looking for something and anything that may be a familiar throwback while still managing to sound current. Their 2013 Demo is a perfect slice of post-hardcore space rock. Jangly and fuzzed-out guitars waving back and forth between noise and melody at the forefront of a solid-driving rhythm. All the while the languid and dreamy vocals expand on the sound to create something to easily get lost in as you close your eyes and sway with the music.

The band has their demo up and available to listen to (and order on 7″ vinyl here) on their Bandcamp page and below. They’re also gearing up for the release of the One With Serenity EP sometime in December, which you can pre-order here. You can also listen to the EP below.

Get into FADE and get spaced out.