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OLD LINES To Release Their Full-Length Album “No Child Left Behind” on October 14th

Old LinesFrom the ol’ inbox:

Baltimore’s salty hardcore heroes Old Lines have revealed plans to release their full-length album, No Child Left Behind, on October 14th via No Sleep Records. The band has also premiered a new song called “Traps” today with AVClub.com. (click here)

It’s only fitting that Old Lines live on the doorstep to the nation’s capital. The band’s vehement disdain for political and social corruption is the fuel that feeds the band’s molotov cocktail of hardcore, crust punk, doom and powerviolence. And on their latest effort, No Child Left Behind, Old Lines leave no stone unturned, from politicians to the environment, as they rip and shred their way through eleven tracks of pure frustration and aggression.

“This record in general is about somewhat taking the focus away from corporations and the lawmakers that support them, and instead taking responsibility for our own part in letting them do it,” says vocalist Matt Taylor. “As long as people remain silent and apathetic to what’s happening around them, these issues will multiply, and the repercussions will become more severe for the earth and everything on it. In 2014, we don’t have the luxury of ignorance anymore.”

Apathetic behavior is a theme that runs throughout the new record, including on the band’s new track “Traps.” The song puts society on blast for turning a blind eye for so long to the destruction of our planet and the resulting changes in climate.

“Traps is a song about how we all are responsible for the state our environment is in, and (more specifically) our collective regret that these issues have reached such a catastrophic degree,” Taylor adds. “We’ve ignored countless warnings from scientists all over the world for the sake of our own personal convenience. Only now, as the damage is becoming more visceral and the earth as we know it is in a tailspin, are people starting to admit that issues such as global climate change have real consequences and demand attention. However it’s all just a little too late. We set the traps ourselves, and now we’re crying that we’re caught in them.”

Old LinesNo Child Left Behind Track List:
1. To Ashes
2. Cold Teeth
3. Traps
4. Remote Controlled
5. The Hunt(ed)
6. Paint Them In Gold
7. All Locks Have Keys
8. Kneelers
9. The Quick Sales
10. War Is Declared
11. Plastic Coffins

Touché Amoré To Release “Live On BBC Radio One: Vol. 2″ 7″ EP on Sept 30th.

Touché AmoréOn Sept. 30th, Touché Amoré will be releasing Live On BBC Radio One: Vol. 2 7″ EP via Deathwish Inc. It will be available as a 7″ single and also on digital format.

Touché AmoréLive On BBC Radio One: Vol. 2 Tracklisting

01. Just Exist (BBC Live Version)
02. Gravity, Metaphorically (BBC Live Version)
03. Harbor (BBC Live Version)
04. Non Fiction (BBC Live Version

Also on September 30th, Touché Amoré will re-press the TA/Title Fight split 7″ EP on Secret Voice Records. This EP was originally released via Sealegs as a Record Store Day 2013 exclusive, and features Touché Amoré covering Title Fight‘s “Crescent-Shaped Depression” while Title Fight covers Touche Amore‘s “Face Ghost”.

Coliseum Premiere Video for “Detached”

ColiseumComing right off their recently-released Deluxe Reissue, a twenty song collection featuring their classic self titled debut album (out of print since 2006) paired with eight essential bonus tracks from their primordial years, Coliseum are premiering a video for the song “Detached”. Video was directed by Joe Watson.

Video: The Muffs – “Weird Boy Next Door”

The Muffs have premiered the video for “Weird Boy Next Door” off their newest album, Whoop Dee Doo.

Single Mothers Release New Track from Upcoming Full-Length “Negative Qualities”

Single MothersOntario’s Single Mothers are ready to unleash their full-length debut album on to the world. Negative Qualities is slated to be released on October 7th via XL Recordings and Dine Alone Records. Pre-orders for the LP can be had here.

In the meantime, the group has released the first track off the LP. Titled “Marbles”, the new song has the group pushing the boundaries of their style of breakneck speed punk. It’s all over the place loudness and oozing with a snottiness deeply grounded in their warped sense of humor.

Single Mothers shouldn’t exist and neither should their debut album, Negative Qualities. Led by mercurial troubadour Drew Thomson, the band was shakily hatched in London, Ontario where it ran through a dozen members before finally recording its debut album last year. At 10 songs, Negative Qualities serves as the perfect introduction to one of Canada’s most ferocious young bands – an explosive mix of raw energy, high-end punk and intellectual rendering of small town frustration.

(Photo by Riley Taylor)

Code Orange Premiere Video for “Dreams In Inertia”

Code OrangeThere is no slowing down Code Orange. The Pittsburgh hardcore group are in high gear for the impending release of their second full-length I Am King due out on September 2nd via Deathwish Inc. As a follow-up for the oh-so disturbing video for “I Am King”, the group is now premiering “Dreams In Inertia”. As directed by Max Moore, the video finds the band tackling some more perverse and dark imagery and visuals and contains a feel for a horror B-movie. Musically, “Dreams In Inertia” has Code Orange slowing down their usual frantic and spastic pace and heading into a groove-oriented heaviness in rhythm.

I Am King is already looking and sounding to be a next-level evolution in what can and is aggressive and heavy music at the hands of Code Orange.

Video: Youth Code – “First & Last” (Live)

Youth CodeOn Wednesdays, we watch videos. Keeping up with that tradition, we bring you Youth Code performing “First & Last” for the Converse Red Light Sessions. Filmed live at this year’s SXSW, it’s evident that Youth Code are one of the best strictly BPM industrial groups out there right now.


KITTYHAWK Perform New Song “The Petravicz Estate” Live at Little Elephant

KittyhawkIndie pop group Kittyhawk recently did a few songs live at Little Elephant. As with all previous performers and bands, the music was recorded and filmed live. In one the sessions, Kittyhawk performed a new song, “The Petravicz Estate”, from their upcoming new album Hello, Again due out October 14th via Count Your Lucky Stars.

If “The Petravicz Estate” is any indication, then new the album will be a little more crunchy in guitar sound while still maintaining that deep sense of melody that Kittyhawk pulls off so perfectly. We’re definitely looking forward to the new record.


YOUTH CODE: New Single, New Album, and New Compilation CD

Youth CodeL.A.’s best “Strictly BPM” Industrial outfit Youth Code have been on a tear as of late. Not only are they the loveliest and most awesome individuals in Sara Taylor and Ryan George, but together they make the most punishing Industrial music that is so punk and hardcore influenced, that it’ll make your head spin. And lose your mind too. They’ve been touring on their own for some time and opening for some big-name acts. It’s great to see them get their due after all the hard work out into their music and style. Keeping on with their workhorse ethos, Youth Code have a new release in the horizon slated to be out on Sept. 23rd in the form of the A Place To Stand EP. Here’s the skinny from their label Dais Records:

Youth Code’s latest release, A Place To Stand, is an expression of rage that could only come from Los Angeles. Perfectly capturing the frustration and claustrophobia of the early 80s LA hardcore scene but re-appropriating that aggression and melding it to the strict, pounding electronics of classic industrial. Recorded by Josh Eustis (Nine Inch Nails, Telefon Tel Aviv, Sons of Magdalene), Side A of A Place to Stand features four new Youth Code tracks that showcase the band exploring an evolved sense of melodic synth work and more varied tempos than anything they have released to date. From the pure adrenal rush of opening track, “Consumed By Guilt” and the Wax Trax-esque dance floor anthem “To Burn Your World” to the lush synthscape melodies of “For I Am Cursed” You can hear Ryan George and Sara Taylor perfectly balancing respect for their elders whilst creating something that’s uniquely their own. Rounding out the Youth Code originals on Side A, “A Litany (A Place To Stand)” figuratively stands out, as it is a spoken-word diatribe on society that encapsulates the feeling of the entire record.

Side B of “A Place to Stand” collects four remixes of earlier Youth Code tracks, from artists as diverse as Corrections House’s Sanford Parker, Sub Pop signed avant rap crew Clipping., industrial / EBM mainstays God Module & the dark and minimal techno mastermind, Silent Servant. What makes A Place to Stand exceptional is Youth Code’s ability to coax raw, organic emotion out of cold, primitive synths. A trait that stems from the band’s peculiar genesis.

Additionally, Youth Code are releasing (also via Dais) a CD compilation, titled An Overture, of not only the brand new A Place to Stand EP, but also their insanely great 2013 self-titled debut LP, as well as the breakout single Angry Love 7″ EP. 16 tracks in total.

To whet your appetite for the new EP, Youth Code have unleashed the track “Consuming Guilt” which finds the group toying with a more sparse and no-less heavy sound that is a bit more polished than previous outings. But don’t let it fool you. Youth Code are still going to rip your jugular out and beat you down with their punk-inflected, industrial, strictly BPM anger. And it’ll feel so very good.

To order A Place To Stand EP or An Overture CD, head to the Dais Records webstore here.

(Photo by Mary Anne Ventrice)

OLD MAN GLOOM Announce New Album “Ape of God” Out on Nov. 11th and Film “Here Is A Gift For You”

Old Man GloomNoise-making unit OLD MAN GLOOM have returned with the announcement of a new album, Ape of God, to be released on Nov 11th via Profound Lore and SIGE Records. The LP will be a follow-up to 2012′s NO as released by Hydra Head. The band, consisting of Aaron Turner (ISIS, Mamiffer), Nate Newton (Converge, Doomriders), Caleb Scofield (Cave In, Zozobra), and Santos Montano, also have a film to be released in the Fall entitled Here Is A Gift For You. Details on the film are sparse, but if the trailer is any indication, it will be part documentary on the band and its mythos and live performance documentation.

Watch the trailer for Here Is A Gift For You below and get excited.

Old Man Gloom: Here Is a Gift for You – trailer from kenneth thomas on Vimeo.