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M.T.H.R. Debut Cover of The Jesus And Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey”

MTHRAny band in this newgaze scene attempting to cover a song considered a “classic” from any 80′s and 90′s shoegaze band can be not only a daunting endeavor but also a recipe for disaster. On one hand you have the fevered following that the original band has and sometimes unwillingness to accept anything else beyond their beloved groups. But on the other hand, you have an opportunity to hear a new take on that classic track by a current band that not only pays homage to the original but puts their own spin and style to it, thusly making it sound anew.

That latter approach is exactly what we have with M.T.H.R. covering The Jesus And Mary Chain‘s “Just Like Honey” from their 1985 debut LP Psycho Candy. M.T.H.R. have managed to amp up the sound of the original making it fuzzier and somewhat heavier. Ally Hoffman’s ethereal and floating vocals give the song a more dream-like quality that is an extension of the original. And with additional vocals performed by Kacie Smagacz towards the end during the chorus give the song an openness that is a signature move much welcomed in the newgaze of today.

This is a great cover that honors the original song and goes beyond it for today.

No Devotion Offer Free Remix Downloads

No DevotionAs a “thank you” to its fans for such an uplifting 2014, the members of rock band No Devotion – Geoff Rickly, Lee Gaze, Luke Johnson, Mike Lewis, Jamie Oliver and Stuart Richardson – are offering two remixes of their debut single, “Stay.” Capping off a wonderful year that included a successful UK run, vibrant U.S. live debut, two strong singles and more, No Devotion is currently recording their debut full-length album that will be released in 2015. Remixes of “Stay” from Ricky Eat Acid (prolific producer whose 2014 album, Three Love Songs, has received a generous amount of critical acclaim from the likes of The Fader, Pitchfork, Interview Magazine, etc.) and Ansible (Gregg Dunn, the principal singer-songwriter of Moving Mountains and notable pop-ambient producer) are now available through Collect Records’ SoundCloud page HERE.

“Ricky Eat Acid is the rare artist that moves fluidly through the worlds of indie-pop, electronic, ambient, DIY and punk,” No Devotion frontman Geoff Rickly said. “His calm, confident touch changes the way people approach the separations between genres. I wanted to see how he would approach “Stay,” a strangely hooky quasi-pop song by a goth-shaded post-punk band comprised entirely of ex-members of more aggressive outfits. If anyone could provide a new context for a band with this amount of baggage, I thought Ricky Eat Acid was it.”

“Ansible, on the other hand, doubles down on the storied roots of the track by toning down the drama,” Rickly went on to mention. “This makes a ton of sense, considering the fact that before crafting beautiful vibrant, electronic soundscapes as Ansible, Greg spent time on tour with Thursday in Moving Mountains. Greg reveals the connection between indie-pop and massively restrained down-tempo punk and, in the process, ends up lightening No Devotion’s sound.”

NEST Premiere Video for “Head In A Hole”

NestNashville, TN’s Nest are premiering their new video for the song “Head In A Hole”, off their 2014 EP, Hadal, released in January on Broken Circles.

Influenced by bands such as Mew, Appleseed Cast, and low, Nest combine elements of indie rock, post-hardcore, and alt-rock to create their own blend of cohesive, moody, glacial, atmospheric rock that pulls the listener under and doesn’t let go. The band’s debut EP and shows with acts like Owen, HRVRD, and Into It Over It have helped them gain a significant following in Nashville and surrounding regions. On the heels of this burgeoning popularity, Nest released a new collection of songs entitled Hadal that show off their neoteric direction. A tenacious listen of the back and forth between the melodic guitar bursts and the way the drums and bass float like bubbles in tar, Hadal establishes the band as one of underground rock’s most promising newcomers. Nest have safely stayed in their namesake refuge and are finally reared and ready to fly the coop to bigger things.

Taking Back Sunday To Release ‘Happiness Is: The Complete Recordings’ on February 25th

TBS_7inHappinessIs_cover-FNLFrom the ol’ inbox:

Revered Long Island rock band Taking Back Sunday has announced plans to releaseHappiness Is: The Complete Recordings on February 24th via Hopeless Records. The upcoming release will feature the band’s original 2014 record Happiness Is, along with rare and unreleased tracks, all spread out on 8 7-inch vinyl records with a collectible, signed art card. Fans are invited to pre-order Happiness Is: The Complete Recordings in a variety of bundles now athttp://hopelessrecords.com/happinessistcr.

Happiness Is: The Complete Recordings will include all three studio b-sides and three additional acoustic renditions of album tracks, such as “Like You Do,” from the record that portray those particular songs in a different light.

“There was something real sentimental and warm feeling about the acoustic demo version of “Like You Do,” says vocalist Adam Lazzara. “Ed (Reyes) and I were staying in the saddest hotel in all of Long Island while the band was writing what would later become most of Happiness Is. This place was as close to one of those 1970s New York City hotels as I had seen in the movies and on the news growing up as you could get, the only exception being that it was on Long Island. Motel style, with ladies of the night, yelling at all hours, the works. It was the worst. I was missing home something awful, it was the worst it had been. That’s where “Like You Do” happened. In that smoky room, at that seedy hotel. I played it back on my voice recorder and it took me someplace else. I think we came pretty close to that feeling with this recording. At first we even talked about just leaving it as an acoustic song. Now we have both.”

In conjunction with today’s news, Taking Back Sunday has also debuted a new video for their anthemic song “All The Way,” which can be viewed now at http://smarturl.it/allthewayvideo. The video features backstage and performance footage of the band on tour this past year.

“Hope you like the video for the song “All The Way.” It’s a tiny look at being on tour and what it’s like for us on stage when we are playing shows. A bunch of our friends helped film it and it’s great to use one of our songs as the background to hang on to some of these memories,” said drummer Mark O’Connell.

Following a year on the road in support of the new album, Taking Back Sunday will be headed to Europe later this month and recently announced that the Happiness Is tour will continue in 2015 with a headlining North American run with letlive. and The Menzingers. The tour will start on February 18th in New Orleans and end on April 4th in Fort Lauderdale. Tickets are available for purchase now at http://www.takingbacksunday.com/tour/.

Click below for tracklisting and complete tour dates.

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Introducing: M.T.H.R.

MTHRA long while back, we fell in love with Center of the Sun, the North Carolina newgaze (& more) outfit that boasted former and current members of Young and in the Way, Grids, Meth Mountain, and Paepliodion (TX). Shortly after the release of their Machine Gun debut LP, the bands called it a day. Needless to say, we were a bit heartbroken and in need for more of their very lovely and ethereal sounds.

Thankfully, now we have M.T.H.R.

From what we’ve heard, they pick up close to where CotS left off and added an additional element of heaviness. Not to mention a more gloomy sense that the band has embraced in the short six months of being together.

The only music that has been posted thus far is a cover of “White Wedding” (done more famously by Billy Idol) by vocalist Ally Hoffman and guitarist Rick Contes outside of the M.T.H.R. moniker for now. The band will eventually released their debut 7″ EP titled Howl in 2015 via Atrum Cultus, which happens to be Contes’ label, which has also handled releases by his other band, Young And In The Way and a few others.

Howl EP Tracklisting
1. Hymn I
2. Howl
3. Wise Blood
4. Miscarry (bonus)

IDES OF GEMINI Premiere Video for “Seer Of Circassia”

Ides Of Gemini have premiered a video for the song “Seer Of Circassia” off their recently-released Old World New Wave LP. The video, as shot and directed by Daciana Birladeanu, captures the band in haunting and mysterious environments that echo the doom-ladden and explosiveness of their music.

KING WOMAN To Release 4-Song EP ‘Doubt’ on February 17th, 2015

King WomanVery exciting news for fans of all things Kristina Esfandiari. The former vocalist for Bay Area’s WHIRR, and currently of Miserable and King Woman, will see the proper debut EP Doubt with King Woman as a full-on band. Prior King Woman releases were principally done by Esfandiari with a number of musician friends collaborating. Doubt will make the release as full-fledged band that includes Colin Gallagher on guitar, Joey Raygoza (of Skin Like Iron) on drums and Sky Madden (Chasms)on bass.

Doubt will be released on February 17th, 2015 via The Flenser on vinyl and digital formats.

Here’s the official press release:

Bay Area, CA’s King Woman, fronted by vocalist Kristina Esfandiari (Ex-Whirr, Miserable), will be releasing their first proper EP release on February 17th, 2015. Titled Doubt, this EP marks King Woman’s first release with a full band and is a dark, brooding gem of introspective heaviness. Doubt finds King Woman awash with churning and crumbling distortion providing a roiling, blackened backdrop for Esfandiari’s throaty, bewitching vocals like a twisted fusion of PJ harvey, Sunn 0))) and Black Sabbath.

Doubt is a follow-up to prior releases Dove/Fond Affections (The Native Sound) and Degrida / Sick Bed (Sleep Genius). Both two-song EP’s were released to great critical acclaim. IMPOSE said Dove had “…both a classical approach to composition and a modern narrative of expressing sadness through slow-sinking quicksand.” King Woman went on to play shows along the West Coast with bands like Ceremony, Planning For Burial and Chasms before catching the attention of fellow San Franciscan Flenser Records, with whom they’ll team up for release of this 4-song EP.

Kristina Esfandiari originally formed King Woman back in 2009, but the band had taken a backseat to her other projects at the time like Miserable and Whirr (with whom she played with from 2012 to 2013), where she found her confidence from a vigorous touring schedule of playing stage shows, floor shows, and everything in between. King Woman got together very organically; Kristina said it just “…kind of happened. I grew up with my drummer, Joey, and guitarist, Colin. I asked Colin to play guitar for one of my shows and the rest is history.” Kristina continued, “We wrote a lot of this EP by Colin sending me guitar ideas and I’d just sing over them, not realizing how good it was. Soon we started getting Joey to jam with us, and then Sky wanted to play bass. Now here we are.” Colin Gallagher, who had given up on music entirely until he played guitar for Esfandiari’s other project, Miserable, commented, “I was going through a lot of self-reflection. For me, the songs are about struggling to change things.” Esfandiari continued, “I started this project as a form of therapy for myself. I wanted to work through being raised in an oppressive religious environment. The theme is just the turbulent journey of de-converting from Christianity and finally coming out of the closet about it and being rejected by a lot of family members and friends because of it.”

Doubt touches on some heavy topics and allows Esfandiari’s lyrical ingenuity to really shine; with nods to issues like religious abuse, sex, metaphysics and heartbreak as well as physical abuse and “…tough topics that weigh heavily on my heart”, she says. “I just write what feels right.” Recorded with engineer Patrick Hills (Tera Melos, 7 Seconds, So Stressed) at Earth Tone in Sacramento, CA earlier this year, Doubt was mixed and produced by Esfandiari herself – which she described as “quite a challenge” – and the four resulting tracks are more cathartic, more brooding and more hypnotic than ever before. The band wears their musical influence on their sleeve: “We love bands like Black Sabbath, OM, Neurosis and Jesu”, said Kristina, and with her lush and dramatic vocals not unlike Mazzy Star and even Beth Gibbons, King Woman has created a sound all their own.

King Woman DoubtDoubt Track Listing:
1. Wrong
2. King Of Swords
3. Burn
4. Candescent Soul

Video: Triptykon – “Tree of Suffocating Souls”

TriptykonDoom metallers Triptykon have premiered a video for the lead-off track “Tree of Suffocating Souls” off their most recent album Melana Chasmata. Of course Triptykon are mostly known for their unique style of metal that melds doom, goth, black, and even avant-garde elements but also for being the vehicle for Tom G. Warrior’s principal songwriting. Warrior (Thomas Gabriel Fischer) is well-known for his previous bands Hellhammer and Celtic Frost.

Sense Field’s ‘Tonight And Forever’ To Be Released on Vinyl For The Very First Time

Sense FieldFrom the ol’ inbox:

Seattle based independent label Spartan Records has announced plans to release influential post-hardcore/emo band Sense Field’s landmark album, Tonight and Forever, on vinyl for the first time ever on December 16th. The limited edition vinyl will be available exclusively at Spartan Records’ website on hot pink (200), hot pink/sea blue swirl (100), milky clear with hot pink, purple, orange and electric blue splatter (100) and hot pink in dark purple in milky clear (100). Pre-orders are available now at http://spr.tn/tonightandforever.

Formed in 1991, Sense Field was one of the original bands to breakout in the mid-90’s “emo” scene along with acts like Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas Is The Reason. During that time the band released classic full-length records Sense Field, Killed For Less and Building which help establish them as one of the scene’s most highly regarded bands.

Later in 2001, the band returned with their breakout record Tonight and Forever, which garnered the band massive success with their single “Save Yourself.” The song was also featured on the official soundtrack for the hit TV show “Roswell,” which catapulted the band to mainstream audiences and performances on late night TV shows like “The Tonight Show” and “The Late Late Show.”

Following Tonight and Forever the band went on to release their last full-length record Living Outside in 2003, before disbanding. In 2012 and 2014 they reunited briefly for Revelation Records’ 25 Year Anniversary Shows.

Pillow Talk Join Animal Style Records to Release New EP in 2015

Pillow TalkFrom the ol’ inbox:

Animal Style Records is excited to announce Memphis, TN’s Pillow Talk have joined the label’s roster. The band recently wrapped up recording on a new EP for their Animal Style debut, coming early Spring 2015 – details, pre-orders and song premieres coming soon!

Pillow Talk hail from Memphis TN and formed in the Spring of 2013. The band immediately began touring the East Coast and soon recorded their first EP, Recreational Feelings. After several regional tours with Turnover and Foxing, wrecking their van in a tornado, and a stint at SXSW, the band came home wanting to find a new sound. They found themselves spending the summer of 2014 writing spacier and melody driven material for their upcoming EP, due out early 2015 on Animal Style Records.

The band will be heading out on a short winter tour with Keep from VA in late December into early January.

You can check out a demo of a new song, “Make You Real” right now over at Half Cloth.

Upcoming Winter Tour
DEC 27 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Sinai Vessel
DEC 28 – Philadelphia, PA – Kat Kat Phest @ Lavender Town
DEC 29 – Boston, MA @ TBA
DEC 30 – Long Island, NY @ TBA w/ Sinai Vessel
JAN 01 – Easton, PA @ Connexions Art Gallery
JAN 02 – Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s Lanes
JAN 03 – Covington, KY @ Backstage Cafe
JAN 04 – Indianapolis, IN @ Grammaw’s House
JAN 05 – Chicago, IL @ Friendzone
JAN 06 – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
JAN 07 – Springfield, IL @ House Show
JAN 08 – Memphis, TN @ Crosstown Arts