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Exclusive Stream: Mockingbird Wish Me Luck Branches 7″

The simple bio for is that they’re a four-piece punk rock band from , , Canada. Of course, that simple bio neglects to mention the weight of the songs this group of young Canadians write. The faithful nod to punk that hovers over each song gives you an undeniable point of reference for their sound, but careful examination shows the stray lines of Americana and folk that weave through these gloriously abrasive crunchy melodies.

The band has been kind enough to let us stream their new 7″ long before the record has even left the pressing plant. As an added bonus Mockingbird… have conducted a short interview with us about the release and their future plans. Enjoy this taste of Mockingbird Wish Me Luck and check out the band at their Myspace.

(The stream is sadly done with, but the interview is still available below. Thanks to Mockingbird for letting us host the debut of this 7″.)

The 1st Five: Was there was a theme you were trying to achieve with these songs? Do the two songs connect or fit together in a way that made them want to release them as a 7″?

Mike: The songs were both written over a certain span of time, and are connected in that sense, but both songs are really focused as their own thing. Maybe they share an aesthetic with each other. I think because we were considering the format of a record while we were writing there is certain consideration given to sound, that varies a bit from the last recording.

Bishop: I think both of these songs think of themselves as B-sides. Musically they both have a similar structure. I think they might be harder to connect with than the last batch. They have a little less of the pop element that the traditional A-side tends to favour. I get a ‘songs-to-stop-the-bleeding’ feel when I listen back.

The 1st Five: Who is releasing the 7”, and when should we expect it to be out? Will you have copies of this record at this year?

Kyle: will be releasing the record. We brought it to them a few days ago and they seemed supportive, so it’ll all be going through them. Sadly, it won’t be ready for FEST. We aim high and generally miss, but it will be around for some shows we have coming up in December that we’ll be posting soon.

Mike: I don’t think we’re going to have anything to sell at Fest this year. Shirts that we wore across the border and fell in the mud prior to you buying them. Cds that fell in a puddle.

The 1st Five: Last time we talked, you mentioned that you were to spend August writing a full length, are these songs something that came from that writing session? Any updates on a full length?

Mike: I don’t think we were ever trying to write the whole record in August. I don’t have the capacity for that kind of thing. For me there needs to be a certain sense of closure or at least exhaustion in every song we write. Its not even an objective thing, it has more to do with our relationship with the process, but it tends to result in slower output. We have been trying out some different spaces to demo the songs for the record and doing practical things like that.

Kyle: The songs on the 7″ were songs we had already in the works in the summer. We’ve got a bunch of songs that we’re still piecing together for a full length release, but we’re looking to get it recorded next year for sure. Nothing is set at the moment though.

The 1st Five: Who are you adamant about seeing this year at The Fest?

Kyle: I’m excited to catch a bunch of our friends: Vicious Cycle, Junior Battles, Shared Arms, Carpenter and Burning Love. Plus, we just spent a few days with Cheap Girls and they were incredible every night. As well as some others like Lemuria, Menzingers, Iron Chic, Dear Landlord plus whoever I just happen to catch drifting around.

Mike: Planes Mistaken for Stars. Everything else is kind of secondary.

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  1. So stoked to bo listening to new MWML. The ep has captured my aers and heart since I first heard it. Now I have more stuff to think to. Once again you guys put together more great music. Hope to have a chance to catch a lives set someday. Cheers and all the best.


    Comment by Matt — 27/10/2010 #

  2. So stoked on this, you guys are probably one of the best bands out of canada right now. keep up the good work!
    love the music.

    Comment by kyle. — 28/10/2010 #

  3. this makes me care about music again.

    Comment by sarah — 28/10/2010 #

  4. great songs!

    Comment by Sean — 29/10/2010 #

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