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Against Me! Leave Sire Records, Address Cancelled Tour Issues, And Announce Touring Plans

This past October Against Me! announced that they would be canceling all of their remaining tour dates for 2010. Without word as to why, the band was quick to announce a 2011 tour with The Dropkick Murphys. In a huge update for fans, has addressed a number of rumours, and made a couple huge announcements about the bands future. For starters, the band is leaving Sire Records. The band originally had a two record contact with the label, which they filled with their 2010 full length . No word on what label the band will release their next material with, but here’s hoping for Fat Wreck Chords! No, that’s not going to happen. But a boy can dream, right?

In addition to the label announcement, the band has confirmed another 2011 tour with , and . Both this and tour will feature Jay Weinberg (ex-Madball, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, spawn of Max Weinberg), playing drums. No word on what George Rebello will be doing, but let’s all hope this means new Hot Water Music, or The Draft material.

You can check out Tom Gabel’s full blog posting here.

The first person to comment on this story with the correct answer of what label the band signs to next will win an out of print copy of the Crime CDEP on Plan-It-X Records.

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  1. Rumbletowne

    Comment by Make_Way — 28/11/2010 #

  2. Epitaph.
    That’s where everyone who used to be on a major goes.


    Comment by Bottle — 28/11/2010 #

  3. Fat Wreck. I mean, they still seem to be good friends with Fat Mike and that label can still pay a living wage. I woulda picked Epitaph but BOTTLE WAS TOO QUICK.

    Comment by Matt — 28/11/2010 #

  4. SideOneDummy

    Comment by i-like-food — 28/11/2010 #

  5. Red Scare

    Comment by Kevin — 28/11/2010 #

  6. No Idea

    Comment by MattRamone — 29/11/2010 #

  7. Dreamworks

    Comment by NastyNate — 29/11/2010 #

  8. epitaph

    Comment by th — 29/11/2010 #

  9. Sabot

    Comment by Jx — 29/11/2010 #

  10. The band originally had a two record contact with the label, which they filled with their 2010 full length White Crosses.

    Comment by record label contacts — 29/11/2010 #

  11. universal

    Comment by Justin — 29/11/2010 #

  12. they’re gonna form their own label.

    Comment by Alex — 29/11/2010 #

  13. something under Sony, probably RED

    Comment by Matt — 29/11/2010 #

  14. Vagrant! They’re do for a big signing like this.

    Comment by michael — 29/11/2010 #

  15. Death to False Hope

    Comment by Mark — 29/11/2010 #

  16. I’m surprised at the lack of major label guesses!

    Comment by Patrick McEachnie — 29/11/2010 #

  17. Really Patrick? Haven’t you heard Dinosaurs Must Die by NOFX. *Snark.

    Comment by John-Michael — 29/11/2010 #

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