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Bison Changes Name, Becomes The Last Bison

Virginia-based folk act announced Tuesday via Facebook that the band would be moving forward under the moniker . The band made the following statement regarding the name change:

The Bison is an iconic symbol of America, an image of the wild and free character of the land and people. In the late 1800s buffalo hunters had all but eradicated the Bison so that by 1902 the Yellowstone herd was diminished to 23 of the majestic beasts. Among the last of their kind, they represented the power to stand against a formidable foe, the hope to endure unto a greater end, and the vision to move forward. Today we move forward under a different name taken from these great animals:

The Last Bison

Note that our social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has been changed to reflect this name change.

Please share this with your friends so that we get this message across as quickly as possible.

Stay tuned for more information concerning our upcoming tour and the vinyl release of Songs From Quill.

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