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Free Music: The 1st Five Happy New Year Mixtape

As a special gift to you, our readers, we have compiled a of songs both new and old to help ring in the new year. You can download this special 12 song tape for by clicking here, and please feel free to tell your friends about it. Included in the zip file is art for the front and back of the release if you would like to print it out, as well as a PDF with links to each band’s website and some information about them.

We were very lucky to receive unreleased material from a number of our favorite up and comers for this mixtape so a special word of thanks to , Sonic Avenues, , , Machines Are People Too, and all the rest for your generosity with your wonderful tunes. Here’s the basic track listing, continue reading to see the full front and back cover art. Thank you for reading The 1st Five this year. We hope you continue reading.

The 1st Five Happy New Year Mixtape Track Listing.
1. : Evasion Tactics

2. The Sainte Catherines: We Used To Be In Love

3. Sonic Avenues: Caught By Your Love (Unreleased)

4. Future Virgins: Ruin Me (Unreleased)

5. Mockingbird Wish Me Luck: O Death (Unreleased)

6. : Bad Biology

7. Gravebound: Civilian Casualty (Unreleased)

8. Trophy Scars: Darkness

9. Machines Are People Too: I Get By (Unreleased)

10. : Everything’s Fine

11. Franz Nicolay: My Criminal Uncle

12. : Did Me Wrong (Unreleased)

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