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Review: The Figgs – The Day Gravity Stopped

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The Figgs seem to have credentials piling out the front door, but that doesn’t always equate to success I suppose. They’ve been together for 25 years as of 2012 and have now put out 11 full length records. Despite the consistent quality of their releases, they’re not the biggest band in the world, believe it or not, and I’m not sure why. The Day Gravity Stopped is the band’s 11th full length and features 20 brand new songs over two LPs.

The band’s sound relies heavily on sugary power pop songs, yet they still pepper in token moments of punk, synth, and even at one point, a saxophone. Tastefully is the key word there. Following up their recent live bootleg included with their 10th LP, Sucking In Stereo, these songs are much more toned down, allowing them to breathe on their own. I can only imagine that they’d follow their trend of beefing them up and boosting up those token punk moments in a live setting, but it’s nice to have both options.

I can hear The Nerves and early Beatles as a huge influence here, but perhaps Nude Beach’s II would be a better, more modern, comparison/contemporary. Song writing credits are varied throughout the three members of the band, which could perhaps be the reason for the varying style over these four sides. Without being so varied that my attention is lost, the distribution of style is more compelling than anything.

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