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Taylor Swift Gets Punked Up, Goes For the Bad Boy Type, and Goes To A Metal Show in The Video for “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Taylor SwiftIf you have listened to ‘s newest album, Red, a few times then you know that the young pop-country princess has experimented with a few new styles and sounds not her usual norm. In the video for the dubstep-inflicted “I Knew You Were Trouble”, Swift takes part in a more story-based approach in which girls falls for the bad boy and gets caught in his whirlwind of mayhem. All the while surely seducing her and then eventually breaking her heart. And at some point, the ill-gotten couple go to a metal show. Yes. The video has a few quick scenes featuring the metal band The Great Commission. Worlds truly colliding? May be so, but it still makes for a fun and varied video.

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