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Video: Paul McCartney And Nirvana At The Sandy Relief Concert. Don’t Worry, It’s Delightful.

When it was announced that Paul McCartney and the surviving members of Nirvana would be playing at the 12/12/12 Sandy Relief Concert the media largely responded largely with puzzlement. The idea seemed destined to fail, summoning images of the worlds coolest grandfather playing with the worlds coolest dads. The reality was entirely different. Instead of blasting through a set of nostalgia hits the group, including Nirvana supplemental guitarist Pat Smear, simply played a new song. Nirvana wrote incredible pop songs under all the distortion, and their fuzzy crunch added a delightful edge to McCartney’s rock chops. If they’d played a hit it could have been come across as a crass to the memory of Kurt Cobain. This was the most respectful, and still thrilling, thing they could have done. And we get to hear a song written by Paul McCartney and fucking Nirvana.

When you’re done watching the video head over to the benefit website and consider a donation.


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