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Vinyl Nerds: NARROWS – ‘Painted’ LP Pre-orders

We love Narrows. They are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Top serious! So when we heard that they had recorded a new album, and got previews of three tracks in the last few weeks, we were giddy with excitement. Now you can join in the excitement with us as pre-orders for the record are live and hot! Released by Deathwish Inc., Painted is available in LP and digital formats. The vinyl is available in three colors…which we don’t know what they are. But if you order three copies, you should get all three colors. As long as they’re still available. It’s first come first serve basis. And not only that, but once you pre-order, you get an instant download! How awesome is that?!?!

While every bit as sonically vitriolic as their past endeavors, Painted attempts to focus its energy rather than lash out blindly. Songs like “Greenland” and “It’s The Water” still weigh in with bottom-heavy instrumentation, but lyrically look towards brighter horizons. Though the band seeks to close the emotional divide it basked in on their debut, the primary meaning behind New Distances couldn’t be more pertinent to the band’s sophomore album. The U.S. Department of Immigration recently denied entry to Cox, forcing the recruitment of temporary guitarist Mark Holcomb (Aeges, Undertow, Shift) for Narrow’s 2011 tour with Helms Alee. While the global nature of the band already limited their opportunities for touring, this additional roadblock further exacerbated the difficulties of writing and recording an album with members spread across the United Stated and Europe.

Despite the difficulties of recording across two hemispheres, Painted sounds like a band locked into a singular vision. Matt Bayles (Mastodon, ISIS, Minus The Bear) recorded the album at Red Room Studios with Cox’s guitar overdubs tracked by Wayne Pennell at Bunker Studios in Brentford, England during late night Skype sessions with the stateside members of the band. Due in part to the constraints of time and distance, Painted is a streamlined record. With eight songs clocking in at just over 27 minutes, the album wastes no time exorcising its demons. And while part of New Distances’ allure stemmed from it’s marriage of primal metallic hardcore with the effects-laden art rock approach of guitarists Cox and Frederiksen, Painted harnesses power from curtailing more of their experimental moments in favor of big meaty riffs and voracious tempos.

01. Under The Guillotine
02. TB Positive
03. Absolute Betrayer
04. Greenland
05. “It’s The Water”
06. Face Paint
07. Final Mass
08. SST

Why are you still reading this?!?…Get on over to the Deathwish Inc. Webstore now to pre-order!

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