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Vinyl Nerds: Quicksand’s “Manic Compression” Gets Reissued

In what is sure to please plenty of fans of the post-hardcore band, ‘s second album, Manic Compression, is getting the reissue treatment via the folks at Shop Radio Cast. The LP having been out of prints for quite a few years, has been fetching a few bucks in the ol’ eBay. So now will be your chance to get this at an affordable price and enjoy songs like “Thorn In My Side” without having been forced to shell out a kidney.

From SRC:

We are proud to announce that we will be pressing Quicksand‘s “Manic Compression” on vinyl due out January / February 2013! We are expecting the test pressings to arrive soon and as soon as they are approved will announce the official release date and post the pre order.

Like most of our releases, the lacquers were created at Lucky Lacquers and we must say he did an excellent job once again! We are very pleased with how this sounds. Artwork will include a gatefold jacket. Stay tuned for full artwork details!!!


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