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Night School Premiere New Song & Video “Unkind”

Night SchoolNight School, hailing from Oakland, CA to be exact, among their members is one Alexandra Morte, formerly of Whirr and also currently as one half of the duo Camera Shy, which includes Nick Bassett of Whirr and Nothing.

Night School‘s music while cemented and part of the newgaze sounds, it evokes also a persistence in incorporating garage rock and the doo-wop of groups like The Shangri-las and The Ronettes. It’s a fuzzier sound than expected from a vocal-heavy group. The sugary melodies are washed over by the fuzziness of the guitars and rhythms and the dream-like vocals wrap it all nicely in a package that then becomes difficult to categorize. And it’s such a great feeling to just listen and lose yourself in their sound.

The band has now premiered a new song and video from their upcoming split release with Dott. “Unkind” lives up to that throwback of 60’s vocal groups while keeping up with the pop sensibilities of today’s newgaze scene. And the video itself will win your over immediately if you’re an 80’s kid at heart.

The Dott & Night School split LP Carousel out 4/18 via Graveface Records

WILDHONEY Premiere Video for “Seventeen” and Announce New EP on Topshelf Records

WildhoneyBaltimore newgaze dream pop band Wildhoney have announced plans to release an EP of new music via Topshelf Records. The band recently released their debut full-length Sleep Through It on Deranged and Forward! Records.

Here’s the announcement from Topshelf:

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been listening to them near non-stop for so long now that it’s all just blurred together, but at the time of my writing this, I can’t seem to recall the moment I was first turned on to Baltimore’s Wildhoney. Fortunately, everything else about them is immensely memorable. Effortlessly combining wall-of-sound power with delicate passages and gorgeous vocal melodies, Wildhoney simply have a wonderful knack for balancing blasts of distortion and dense textures with beautiful pop tunes and chiming guitar work. So it’s with a great deal of elation that I am announcing that we’ll be releasing a new EP for the band later this year!

The EP — which the band is currently recording right now — will serve as the follow-up to their debut full length album, Sleep Through It, released earlier this year through Deranged and Forward! Records along with 2014’s Photobooth Records effort Seventeen Forever (which is where we initially got hooked on them, and is a great place to start if you’ve never listened to them before). When pressed to describe the direction of the new material, guitarist Joe Trainor simply states,”the [Topshelf] EP we are working on now is very uptempo and noisy” — which is fucking fine.

The band has also premiered a video for the song “Seventeen” (7″ version). Check it:

Video: The Mites – “Empty Signs”

The MitesSan Antonio. TX’s “stargaze” group The Mites already have a few cassette-only releases under their belt. The band is a current epitome of a sound that harkens back to the more dreamy aspects of 90’s indie pop while flirting with shoegaze. In the end though, it’s pure pop. And it’s good.

The band joined up with Closed Quarter Coalition to release their second cassette Bellows on 7″ vinyl this summer. Be on the look out for that.

In the meantime, the band shot a video for the song “Empty Signs” with their good friend Lee Eubanks. Shot entirely on Super 8mm film, the video is the perfect companion for the song itself.

If this video and song don’t make you feel like you’ve stayed up way past your bedtime and watching 120 Minutes as Dave Kendall introduces the band for the first time ever, then you may need to re-assess all of the music you’ve been listening to lately.

The Mites – Empty Signs from The Mites on Vimeo.

UnWed Stream Full-Length Debut “Raise The Kids”

From 6131 Records:

UnWedIn today’s music scene, originality doesn’t always seem to be the leading force. In fact, some might argue that many of the most successful current bands are simply breathing new life into the aesthetics of decades past. So when a band surfaces defying easy classification, their existence becomes a noteworthy matter. Brooklyn, New York’s UnWed are just such a band. Although their members have made names for themselves for nearly 20 years in other musical endeavors (Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, Primitive Weapons, Gay For Johnny Depp, Errortype:11, etc), UnWed reaches far beyond anything in their combined history. Instead, the band bring their punk and indie roots to the table, amalgamating these influences with more traditionally heavy rock elements to create their unique sound. Add to the mix vocals provided by their powerful female singer and the overall result is undeniably interesting.

Following the release of their debut EP via No Idea Records, UnWed set out to write and record their first proper full length. The quintet teamed with an accomplished group of engineers, including Paul Leavitt, Ryan Jones, Brian McTernan, Will Beasley, and Travis Bacon, each with considerable resumes of their own. The end result, entitled “Raise The Kids,” captures a band bridging the gaps between hard rock, anthemic punk, and alternative with splendid precision.

NOTHING Cover Nirvana’s “Something In The Way”. And It’s Just As Haunting.

NothingAs if the original version of Nirvana‘s “Something In The Way” off their Nevermind album wasn’t a haunting piece of somber-ridden angst, Nothing has managed to make it even more so.

The Philly newgazers’ take on the song, off Robotic Empire’s second Nirvana tribute release, Whatever Nevermind, although more stripped-down, with its pained vocals, slow piano textures, and a droning guitar that doesn’t exploded just quite yet, make the song not only unique again, but a fitting homage in the melancholy of its songwriter.

MTHR Release Debut 7″ EP ‘Howl’. Listen to Full Stream Now.

MTHRA quick background story in which we paraphrase ourselves:

A long while back, we fell in love with Center of the Sun, the North Carolina newgaze (& more) outfit that boasted former and current members of Young and in the Way, Grids, Meth Mountain, and Paepliodion (TX). Shortly after the release of their Machine Gun debut LP, the bands called it a day. Needless to say, we were a bit heartbroken and in need for more of their very lovely and ethereal sounds.

Thankfully, now we have MTHR.

From what we’ve heard, they pick up close to where CotS left off and added an additional element of heaviness. Not to mention a more gloomy sense that the band has embraced in the short six months of being together.

Now, MTHR, the NC doom-y will be releasing their debut EP in the form of the Howl 7″ via Atrum Cultus in 2015. You can now get your hands on the 7″ EP here.

v200_MTHR-HowlThe long awaited debut EP from MTHR contains 3 haunting tracks on 7″ vinyl as well as the bonus track “Miscarry” on digital download. The preorder also includes two additional bonus tracks on digital download of acoustic versions of “Howl” & “Wise Blood.” Limited to 250 copies on white 7″ vinyl.

1. Hymn I
2. Howl
3. Wise Blood
4. Miscarry *
5. Howl (acoustic) *
6. Wise Blood (acoustic) *

Stream of the entire EP below.

CULTURE Set To Release New Music in 7″ EP

CultureLegendary FL hardcore band Culture, who are “celebrated for, among a handful of others, helping to cultivate the burgeoning metallic hardcore sound that became synonymous with the era”, will be releasing new music in as many years in the form of a 7″ via Carry The Weight Records.

It’s been many years since new music, not to mention a handful of reunions here and there. The band will be reuniting this year for a few fests. Get a sneak peek at the new music in the trailer video below.

CULTURE was known for aggressive social/political/ecological commentary, cautionary tales of reckless consumerism and industrial sprawl, and advocacy of the straightedge lifestyle.

Former members went on to Morning Again, Terror, As Friends Rust, Shai Hulud, Throwdown, Blood Has Been Shed and (most recently) ON BODIES.

In 2012, CULTURE played its first show since disbanding in 1998 (The Reel & Restless Fest in Miami, Florida). This fall, in August of 2013, the band will revisit Europe for Belgium’s famed Ieper Hardcore Festival, and will then play three dates in Japan, including Tokyo’s Bloodaxe Fest.

(Live photo: Nathaniel Shannon)

MAMALEEK Announces New Album, ‘Via Dolorosa’

80ww_ScreenShot20150330at40100PM_1From the ol’ inbox:

Via Dolorosa is the 5th album by dark experimental weirdos Mamaleek, the band’s second for The Flenser. The album is the darkest, most experimental and orchestrated of Mamaleek’s catalogue, incorporating black metal, psychedelica, and electronic music. Via Dolorosa is the first Mamaleek record featuring live drums (along with the electronic fair) and is the band’s most organic; it sounds like a psychedelic-infused night at the darkest jazz club gone as wrong as a child’s nightmare. It is harsh, frightening, and beautiful.

Mamaleek is comprised of two anonymous brothers from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band is musically divergent from San Francisco’s nihilistic history of black metal (Weakling, Leviathan), however the band still approach traditional black metal topics such as sorrow, death and nihilism. Like past Mamaleek releases, the track titles on Via Dolorosa are shared with traditional slave songs and music is banded together with a melodic Middle Eastern aesthetic.

The band commented, “It is at once, a solicitation and renunciation of the genres that are blended together to create something other…Traditional music turned against itself, in treasonous alliance with the barbarians at the gate whom it once hoped to keep out. May the acoustic ruin here documented compel you to turn to your lord. You may take these songs to your judgment day as a protest against the filthy oil pumping in your veins.”

Bask in sorrow and reflect on your pitiful existence.

War On Women Premiere Video for “Glass City”

War On WomenBaltimore’s feminist punk heroes War On Women have premiered a brand new video for the track “Glass City” over on Bitch Magazine. This track appears on the band’s recently released, self-titled debut full-length which tackles issues of institutionalized sexism and patriarchy through an uproarious blend of riot grrrl, thrash and rock with sarcastic dalliances and furious aggression. Featuring 11 tracks, the album was recorded with J. Robbins at the Magpie Cage (Against Me!, Coliseum, Lemuria) and is a natural progression for the band and a little more polished than their previous efforts, while remaining as blistering as ever.

War On Women formed in 2010 by several veterans of the Baltimore rock scene, including members of AVEC and Liars Academy. The band’s furious live sets capture all of the brevity and intensity of hardcore punk with another level of lyrical and musical sophistication.

WALLEATER Premiere New Song “Swallow You” From Upcoming LP

Walleater BandLeeds, UK’s Walleater recently joined up with Tiny Engines and marked the U.S. label’s first foreign signing. Tiny Engines will release Walleater’s new EP (II) collected with the band’s 2014 EP (I) together as one LP in the Summer of 2015. To prepare fans for the new release, the band have premiered a song off it, “Swallow You”. If you’re into fuzzed out indie pop of the likes of Hum and Swervedriver, you will surely enjoy Walleater.

Some bands spend years searching for their true sound as they strain under the weight of influences, trends or expectations. Other bands just sound naturally comfortable in their own skin. Walleater is one of those bands. Throw whatever tag you want upon the young UK band, Walleater occupies their own space and they do so with a remarkably clear artistic vision. The band has a penchant for melody and suspense, a certain flare for the dramatic build and release. However, this never comes at the expense of the song. Nothing is contrived or forced, every note serves a purpose and every piece of the puzzle fits. And that simplicity, that organic quality, that is where Walleater’s sound begins and ends.

WalleaterI/II – Track Listing
1. Give In To Me
2. Just A Boy
3. Glow
4. What Do You Know?
5. Swallow You
6. Perfect Sin
7. Hole In My Brain
8. Keep It Strange