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Birds In Row Post Update On Current Status: “We are still a band”

Birds In RowA few weeks back, French hardcore band Birds In Row posted on their Facebook page an announcement indicating an end to the band. The post (along w/ our announcement of it) was quickly taken down hours later and a sense of uncertainty was left lingering. The band has now formally posted an update on their FB:

“Hi all.

We’ve been through confusing times lately and it feels like we need to clarify things a little here now.

We are still a band. Sorry for the misinformation and all the buzz around it. This was not our intention. The fact is that changes will occur within the band and that it will take time.

Sorry that we were not able to play the OTB and Floodfloor fests this weekend. I was just not possible. Thanx to Old Town Bicyclette and Floodfloors for their support.

And finally, thanx for your messages and support.

See you all in a bit.”
– Birds in row.

Birds In Row‘s most recent release was 2012′s You, Me & the Violence on Deathwish Inc. That record, although seemingly being criminally underrated, has shifted the ideology of what hardcore and aggressive can be. Thankfully the band is not completely calling it quits and only making changes as stated.

No Devotion (ex-Thursday & ex-Lostprophets) Release First New Song

NO_DEVOTION-STAYGeoff Rickly of Thursday has teamed up with the remaining members of Lostprophets to create new band No Devotion. The band has debuted a song, “Stay”, tonight and have announced that a 12″ single will be released on July 22nd via Rickly’s own Collect Records imprint.

The first song, “Stay”, introduces No Devotion stylistically as a more subdued and ambient-driven unit than the members’ previous bands. It still bears some of the former bands’ sounds but goes in a more experimental direction, especially with Rickly playing around in more hushed and soft vocal tones.

Listen to “Stay” below and to pre-order the 12″ single, head on over to Collect Records here.

The debut single from Richard Jamie Oliver, Stuart Richardson, Luke Johnson, Mike Lewis, Lee Gaze, and Geoff Rickly is as distinct as first impressions get. “Stay” is a sharp and immediate exercise in pop-noir, while “Eyeshadow” brings post-punk into the present tense: It’s uptempo for the downtrodden.

Review: Candy Hearts – All The Ways You Let Me Down

Candy HeartsCandy Hearts
All The Ways You Let Me Down
Violently Happy / Bridge Nine

Summertime is the worst time here. It’s hot and sticky all day long and raining almost every other hour. And as if the sweltering heat is not enough to worry about, we have hurricanes to be on the lookout for. It just plain sucks during the summer. But thankfully, this summer season we have a new offering from pop-punk cuties Candy Hearts. With All The Ways You Let Me Down, Candy Hearts are still subscribing to their own formula of pop punk with the assistance of New Found Glory‘s Chad Gilbert once again. But beyond the initial surface of the record there is another level that goes much more into a territory of power pop.

As expected and very much always welcomed, vocalist and guitarist Mariel Loveland stays within the same themes as previous recordings: longing and pining for that special someone, celebrating friendships, and expressing how much fun and carefree life can be as long as you try to make it so. It’s the foundation of any and all effective pop punk and power pop music. Couple that with the driving rhythms and crunchy guitars that permeate melodies and sing-along choruses and you have what could be the single-most perfect summertime album.

There is no real need to spend time dissecting the intricacies of each and every song on this record and sharing what you should think of it. Rest assured that from the start with the playfulness of “I Miss You” to the celebratory centerpiece of “Coffee With Friends” until the peak and end of “Top Of Our Lungs”, All The Ways You Let Me Down is the epitome of a fun-size sugary sweet pop punk album.

Candy HeartsAll The Ways You Let Me Down reminds us all that summer time and life itself can and is a fun time. As long as you put your best foot forwards and keep a smile on your face and stay POSI, then nothing and no one will let you down. At least not by any of your own doing. Candy Hearts have definitely improved our summer experience ’round here.

WHIRR To Release New Album “Sway” On September 23rd

whirrNewgaze stalwarts WHIRR will be releasing their new album, Sway, on September 23rd. The band worked again with Jack Shirley at Oakland’s Atomic Garden. This will be the band’s second full-length and first with Graveface Records, who previously released their Around EP and a reissue of their debut EP Distressor. Graveface will also be releasing a reissue of their Pipe Dreams LP aptly titled Pipe Dreams Redux.

Here’s the full-on skinny from Graveface’s site:

When Sway begins, you might at first press pause, reaching for your headphone wire or peeking behind your speaker cables to make sure nothing has come undone. The blister of distorted guitar that opens the album comes only from the right channel, howling and hanging there in irascible isolation until it seems that something must be wrong.

But be patient: After a dozen seconds, the rest of Whirr—a five-piece of blanketing rock focus and comforting pop finesse—pours in from the left channel. They meet the guitar in the middle, together racing headlong into a short section that’s heavy as metal but pliable enough to be the springboard for the galloping shoegaze beauty that soon arrives.

For the next 36 minutes, you need not worry again about lost connections, split channels or anything else, really. More than any Whirr release to date, Sway creates a definitive sense of immersion, sculpting an environment that breathes you in instantly and breathes you out only when the record snaps into silence.

That bifurcated start is an appropriate image for Whirr in 2014. Last year, the band headlined a tour with the Philadelphia group and fellow admirers of heaviness and harmony, Nothing. Not only did the crews become fast friends, but their respective founders—Whirr’s Nick Bassett and Nothing’s Dominic Palermo—decided to start a group of their own, Death of Lovers. When the shared tour was finished, Bassett headed to Philadelphia for a month of writing and recording. He’s never really left. He calls Philadelphia home now, so Whirr has become a bicoastal band.

In Philadelphia, Bassett worked on Death of Lovers’ debut for Deathwish Inc., toured as the bassist for Nothing and steadily composed new material for the next Whirr album, their first full-length for Graveface. Back in Oakland, the rest of Whirr had committed to the project full-time, too, so the West Coast contingent wrote and rehearsed new material without Bassett. Joey Bautista took the lead on two songs, Loren Rivera on three.

Indeed, against most odds, Bassett’s move made for a more democratic Whirr. In their salad days, Bassett had written most of the material and built the bulk of the arrangements, too, using the support only to enrich and enliven them. After a slew of splits and singles and EPs, Sway is the second Whirr LP, but it is only the first to be rendered by a fully functional rock band, having shaped the songs slowly and over some distance.

Before the quintet entered Oakland’s Atomic Garden to work with longtime producer and collaborator Jack Shirley, they reworked the contributions of all three writers, massaging the material into a cohesive dynamo. Rivera, for instance, rewrote the words for Bassett’s material, folding his songs into the album’s presiding sense of dusky melancholy.

“It’s not conceptual, entirely, but it’s intended to ebb and flow in a certain way—one song being aggressive, then dropping out and being pretty but devastating,” Bassett says. “We tried to create an atmosphere, where you listen and get vibed into one tone. ”

That rhythm presides over Sway, tying its distinct parts into a seamless unit. The restless “Heavy” churns somewhere between Godflesh and Gish, its lumbering beat and foreboding guitar buoyed by a melody that feels like a secret hymn for which you’ve long searched. Gorgeous and sprawling, “Sway” floats through luxuriating guitars and pillowed vocals, offering an impressionistic but intoxicating inversion of Whirr’s typical propulsion. Even here, during the record’s prettiest moment, Whirr maintains a righteous minimalism, emblematic of members who met one another as skateboarding high-school kids.

“The aesthetic of the band is more aimed at mature punk rather than alternative rock,” Bassett confirms. “There are these more aggressive punk elements—noisy feedback, a snare roll that just goes into super-punchy, driving songs.”

“Clear” brilliantly paints its lyrical quest for lucid communication—“I want words/to understand you,” runs one plaintive, surging bit—in music that takes up the same challenge. Whirr pushes past a pastel instrumental haze into a hangdog march, with near-whispered vocals bruised by Devin Nunes’ drums and Eddie Saldago’s orotund bass line. But as the end approaches, the band builds together, the riffs and the rhythm colliding into one triumphant, redemptive crest.

And that’s the victory of Sway, too, an album written by five people on two coasts but executed with the force and splendor of, at last, a fully unified Whirr.

Graveface will release Sway on CD, LP and digitally September 23

Downset Announce New Album and Tour Dates

DownsetFrom the ol’ inbox:

Hardcore punk/rap metal veterans Downset recently announced their highly-anticipated return with an upcoming performance at the revelled This Is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia, PA on July 27th. Now, the band can announce their full plans for 2014, which include a brand new album, entitled One Blood, which will hit stores on July 21, 2014.

Produced by Downset guitarist Brian Ares Schwager and mixed by Wesley Seldman, One Blood was recorded in three locations – Venice and Overland rehearsal studio in Culver City, CA, The Basement in Baltimore, MD, and Creating Better Sounds studio in Palmdale, CA.

“One Blood is Downset in its truest form, coming straight from our hearts to touch the hearts of others,” states Schwager.

Downset will perform several east and west coast dates this summer. See below for a current listing of tour dates with ticket prices and door times.

Vocalist Ray Oropeza adds, “The east coast is where Downset will launch our live tour for the One Blood album. To all of our fans that have supported us for the past 20+ years, ‘I Will Always Be There For You, I Will Always Be There, ALL I GOT!’”

7/24 Albany, NY @ Bogies
7/25 Worcester, MA @ Palladium
7/26 New York, NY @ Blackthorne 51
7/27 Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory (This Is Hardcore)
8/15 Phoenix, AZ @ Joe’s Grotto
8/16 Los Angeles, CA @ The Whiskey A Go-Go
8/17 Las Vegas, NV @ LVCS

Frontier(s) Announce Run of Summer Tour Dates

Louisville’s post-punk Frontier(s) will be heading out on a short summer tour this August. The small tour will be in support of their soon-to-be released White Lights EP from Tiny Engines Records. Tour dates below along w/ the tour poster art.

Pre-order the White Lights 12″ EP here.


Cold World Premiere New Song “Hell’s Direction”; New Album ‘How The Gods Chill’ Out on August 5th

Hardcore hybrid group Cold World are set to release their new album How The Gods Chill on August 5th via Deathwish Inc. In the meantime, you can listen to the first new track off the album, “Hell’s Direction”, right now over at Noisey.

Years in the making, How The Gods Chill is the definitive Cold World album that the hardcore world has been clamoring for. Recorded by Will Yip (Studio 4) and Arthur Rizk (Salomon’s Gate), How The Gods Chill is a thirteen song amalgamation of Hip Hop character and Hardcore heart. Openers “Blind” and “The Real Deal” bounce and stomp akin to “Urban Discipline” era Biohazard. While “Never Knows Best” and “No More Fun and Games” melodically and respectfully pay homage to influential legends Only Living Witness and Life Of Agony. It wouldn’t be a Cold World album without a myriad of diverse guest appearances. Queens rapper Meyhem Lauren, George Hirsch of Blacklisted, legendary Kool G. Rap, and even Max B are all featured on the album, altogether creating an infectious melting pot of sound and spirit unlike anything out there today.

1. Intro
2. Blind
3. The Real Deal
4. Never Knows Best
5. Cracks of Hate (ft. Meyhem Lauren)
6. No More Fun and Games
7. Tome Check-in
8. Never
9. Find Your Way
10. Omega
11. Youthful Expression 2014
12. Hell’s Direction (ft. Kool G. Rap)
13. Max B. Outro

Newmoon’s ‘Invitation To Hold’ 7″ EP Available Now for Pre-Order

NewmoonBelgium’s Newmoon, who recently signed with Secret Voice to release their debut 7″ EP, now have their Invitation To Hold 7″ EP available for pre-order via Deathwish Inc. The 7″ (and digital download) will see an official release date on August 5th. The 7″ vinyl is available on two different colors: Opaque Pink and Opaque Yellow.

The artwork for the EP was designed by Nick Steinhardt, who has done the art for his own band Touche Amore and the likes of Deafheaven.

With a sound “reflecting 90′s heroes Slowdive and modern bands as The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Newmoon bears the innocence and humbleness to become much more than they could ever expect.”

Newmoon started in 2013 as a two-man project and quickly became a fuller band (five members) whose music is layered in reverb and influenced by volume, eventually recording their debut EP Invitation To Hold. This is the first European act to sign up with Jeremy Bolm’s (Touché Amoré) Secret Voice label.

Listen & watch their video for “Aria” off the EP.

newmoon_invitationtohold_hiInvitation To Hold Track Listing:
01. Mask
02. Aria
03. Dwell

Mannequin Pussy Premiere Song and Debut LP Available For Pre-Order Now On Tiny Engines and Announce Summer Tour

Mannequin PussyYet another great band on the Tiny Engines roster hitting the ol’ inbox:

Tiny Engines welcomed NYC’s Mannequin Pussy to the roster earlier this year. The label is reissuing the band’s debut full-length, Gypsy Pervert, remastered and on vinyl for the first time with new artwork by Perry Shall (Diarrhea Planet, Jeff The Brotherhood, Big Eyes). The vinyl is now available for Pre-Order. Also, you can pre-order the digital album for just $4 on Bandcamp.

You can check out a new single now. “Someone Like You” is premiering exclusively on Brooklyn Vegan. Also, the band premiered a video for “Clue Juice” from Gypsy Pervert earlier this year on Impose.

Mannequin Pussy began as a duo, Marisa Dabice and Thanasi Paul, childhood pals turned degenerates. The band expanded to a three-piece for their debut album, Gypsy Pervert. The beefed up sound is evident from the beginning as the band shifts seamlessly from grungey punk rock blasts to more textured shoegazey pop. Clocking in at less than 20 minutes, Gypsy Pervert sways urgently back and forth. Raw and confrontational yet still melodic and inviting, Mannequin Pussy shows off a diverse palette on their debut album.

Summer Tour
JUL 31 – Boston, MA @ The Womb
AUG 2 – Philadelphia, PA @ Perry’s House
AUG 5 – Arlington, VA @ TBA
AUG 6 – Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
AUG 7 – Durham, NC @ Chateau Moby Dick
AUG 8 – Asheville, NC @ TBA
AUG 9 – Murray, KY @ Terrapin Street
AUG 11 – Fayetteville, AR @ JR’S Lightbulb Club
AUG 12 – Denton, TX @ Rubber Glovers
AUG 14 – Albuquerque, NM @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge
AUG 15 – Phoenix, AZ @ Tempe Tavern
AUG 16 – Los Angeles, CA @ House Party
AUG 19 – Reno, NV @ TBA
AUG 20 – Salt Lake City, UT @ TBA
AUG 21 – Denver, CO @ TBA
AUG 22 – Boulder, CO @ The Goss House
AUG 24 – Kansas City, MO @ TBA
AUG 25 – St. Louis, MO @ TBA
AUG 26 – Cincinatti, OH @ The Comet
AUG 27 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project

Mannequin PussyMannequin PussyGypsy Pervert Tracklisting
1.Sneaky Nips
2.My Baby (Axe Nice)
3.Clue Juice
4.Clit Eastwood
5.Someone Like You
6.Terror No
7.Meat Slave 2
8.Meat Slave 3
9.Sheet City
10.Piss Drinker

Cayetana Premiere New Song and Debut LP Available For Pre-Order Now On Tiny Engines

CayetanaFrom the ol’ inbox:

The debut full-length release from Philadelphia, PA’s Cayetana, entitled Nervous Like Me, is now available for Pre-Order on Tiny Engines. Also, you can pre-order the digital album for just $6 on Bandcamp.

Nervous Like Me will follow up the band’s debut Hot Dad Calendar 7″.

The band is currently out on a five week tour with The Menzingers, Lemuria and Pup. Remaining dates listed below.

The story of Cayetana is the story of punk rock. No matter the age, no matter the place, punk rock is all about seizing a moment in time. It is about not waiting for approval or permission to create art. Punk rock is simply about doing it yourself and doing it now. So, it did not matter that these three friends came together to start a band yet knew very little about their instruments. This was their journey to take together. And from there, Cayetana was born. Learning and growing together these friends have crafted a sound that is as organic as music can possibly be. So, it is no surprise how perfectly everything fits into place here. The memorable vocals, the affecting lyrics, the rolling, imaginative bass, and the steady, spiky drums all showcase the remarkable chemistry of three musicians / friends completely in tune with one another. Pulling from elements and influences of indie and folk, Cayetana‘s sound is all inclusive. It’s raw and unflinching, imperfect and beautiful. Yes, Cayetana grabbed their moment. Yes, Cayetana is punk rock.

You can now also listen to the new song “Serious Things Are Stupid” over at Noisey right now.

Cayetana Tour with The Menzingers, Lemuria and Pup
JUN 23 – Phoenix, AZ @ Pub Rock
JUN 24 – Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad
JUN 26 – Austin, TX @ Red 7 Inside
JUN 29 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgeralds Downstairs
JUN 30 – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
JUL 02 – Tampa FL @ Orpheum
JUL 03 – Orlando, FL @ The Social
JUL 04 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade – Middle
JUL 05 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
JUL 06 – Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar

CayetanaCayetanaNervous Like Me Tracklisting
01-Serious Things Are Stupid
02-Black Hills
03-Dirty Laundry
05-Mountain Kids
06-Madame B
07-Scott Get The Van, I’m Moving
08-Favorite Things
09-Hot Dad Calendar
10-Busy Brain
11-South Philly