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Mother Leeds – Mother Leeds

Mother Leeds
Self Released

Mother Leeds self-titled demo is, in a word, idealistic. This idealism is notable, as it takes a special breed to make music in 2010 with influences largely taken from the former half of the last 40 years, and yet still create something with any degree of originality. While the record is in fact a demo, no song writing quality is lost in the process of the bands first recording. It’s no surprise that these guys have been playing under the moniker for three years, but the lack of content is criminal.

Mother Leeds takes a huge nod to the likes of Kyuss, Pearl Jam, and even Foo Fighters, while effectively peppering in Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, and quite a few more acts that these guys parents’ are too young to have even seen. Yet unlike the aforementioned influences Mother Leeds almost sound empty at certain points, it is as if the band needs to employ and utilize a rhythm guitar player, if not only to create a proper stage for swelling guitars and other on stage goodies that come with the territory. But considering this is their first recorded output, I’m not entirely surprised that they haven’t shaken out all the edges yet.

The individual members themselves are able to showcase their talent without fighting for the attention of the listener, which is an easy way for a band to lose focus of a song. I suppose chemistry is the key word here. These guys have talent beyond their years; hopefully they’re around long enough to realize that.

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  1. i own the trademark for mother leeds you are calling your band mother leeds illegally cease and assist or i will sue you thx

    Comment by storm — 19/12/2010 #

  2. This is a review dude. Contact the band if you have a problem. Though you might want to check into international copyright law before you threaten legal action against someone.

    Comment by John-Michael — 20/12/2010 #

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