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Code Orange (Kids) To Release ‘I Am King’ on September 2nd

Code Orange Kids

Is this the new Code Orange Kids album, I Am King, to be released on September 2nd? Did they drop the ‘Kids’ from their name based on that artwork presumed to be the cover art? What does the quote/lyric from the band below mean?

Be no longer hopeless mission
For everything or none at all
See the world with code orange vision
Carve the words into your skull

In the continuing cryptic nature COK have been doing for the past few months with Thinners Of The Herd and references to King all over the place, it’s anyone’s guess what any of this new info means. One thing is certain, there’ll be a new release out and it should be as exciting as all that Code Orange Kids have done to date.

Edit: So this is all indeed the case. Band is now going by Code Orange. The record is I Am King and will be out on September 2nd via Deathwish Inc. Check out the tracklisting below. More info and song premieres in the coming months.

I AM KING Tracklisting
1. I Am King
2. Slowburn
3. Dreams in Inertia
4. Unclean Spirit
5. Alone in a Room
6. My World
7. Starve
8. Your Body is Ready….
9. Thinners of the Herd
10. Bind You
11. Mercy

CODE ORANGE KIDS Tease New Album Out This Year

We generally don’t succumb to rumors and hearsay about bands unless we get something official from said band(s) or their label. But being that both Code Orange Kids and their label Deathwish Inc. have started the teasing themselves, we figured it was worthy of mention now. Based on the image tweeted and posted on their Facebook, and the accompanying hashtag of #King2014, it looks like the Pittsburgh, PA hardcore and everything else band are to release something new, more than likely a new album. Is it titled King? King 2014? Or is that a song title? Or maybe they’re just messing with us.

In any event, it’s awesome to see the band working on something new to pick up where Love is Love // Return to Dust left us all decimated.


Jami Morgan (Code Orange Kids) and Patrick Klindon (Self Defense Family) Launch Harm Reduction Records

Harm Reduction Records 01In this day and age when more and more bands, especially in the hardcore and punk scenes, are taking control of their own music and how it’s released, now we have a new upstart label launched by members of Code Orange Kids and Self Defense Family. Harm Reduction Records is the new imprint launched by Jami Morgan (COK) and Patrick Klindon (SDF) in an effort to release “smart-metal and aggressive music for non-aggressive people”. The label is being christened with the release of a four-way split by Code Orange Kids, Heartless, Hounds of Hate, and Killer of Sheep and a split from Self Defense Family and Axis. Expect more info on the splits and release dates to be handled via Deathwish Inc.

Harm Reduction Records 02Harm Reduction Records is Jami Morgan and Patrick Kindlon thinking they can do a better job than everyone else.

Running a label seems like a hassle, filled mostly with frustration, punctuated only rarely by very fleeting feelings of accomplishment. Much like being in a band. For musicians, doing a label is the next logical step in forming an identity of ‘long-suffering snob with martyr complex.’ And that’s the space we hope to occupy.

Hydrahead is dead, so we thought we’d fill the void by putting out smart-metal and aggressive music for non-aggressive people. But it turns out there isn’t as much of that material as you think. So, until we find it, we’re putting out records that include our bands and bands we’re friends with.

HR001 is a four-way split celebrating Pittsburgh. Yeah, that’s real. Code Orange Kids (Deathwish Inc), Hounds of Hate (Painkiller), Heartless (Southern Lord), and Killer of Sheep. Very different acts representing the City of Champions. This thing will basically be the logical limit of heavy music and should inspire other bands to quit immediately.

HR002 is a split from Self Defense Family (Deathwish Inc) and Axis. I’ve long looked for an act to make me elevator mosh as hard as Turmoil. Axis’ contribution to this split reaches that level of hardness and is a massive leap forward for the band. Actually, truly, aggressive music.

Expect both those records this fall. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you. You can order those and everything we do through Deathwish Inc.

Keep tabs on Harm Reduction Records via their Twitter and Facebook.

Harm Reduction Records 03Harm Reduction Records 04

Tour: H2O and Terror with Backtrack and Code Orange Kids

H2O Terror TourHardcore juggernauts H2O and Terror are excited to hit the US with Backtrack and Code Orange Kids in tow. The tour will canvas the lower 48 and will span from February 1st through March 3rd – tour dates are below. A few of the dates will also include Bane in the line-up.

1 Washington, DC @ Rock N Roll Hotel
2 Wilmington, NC @ Soapbox
3 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
4 Jacksonville, FL @ Phoenix Taproom
5 Miami, FL @ Churchills Pub
6 Tampa, FL @ Crowbar
8 Houston, TX @ Fitzgeralds
9 Dallas, TX @ Paradeofflesh.com
10 San Antonio, TX @ The Ten Eleven
11 Albuquerque, NM @ Gasworks
12 Mesa, AZ @ The Underground
13 San Diego, CA @ Epicentre
14 Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy
15 San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
16 Portland, OR @ Backspace w/ Bane
17 Tacoma, WA @ Tough Love Fest w/ Bane
18 Twin Falls, ID @ Radio Rondevoo w/ Bane
19 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Black Lion w/ Bane
20 Denver, CO @ Marquis w/ Bane and Cruel Hand
21 Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
22 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
23 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
24 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
25 Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar
26 Buffalo, NY @ Funeral Home
27 Albany, NY @ Bogies
28 Worcester, MA @ Palladium
2 Reading, PA @ Reverb
3 Richmond, VA @ Kingdom

Code Orange Kids Robbed On The Road

Code Orange Kids announced Tuesday night that they were robbed while on tour in New Orleans. The stolen goods include cash, computers, and many of the band members’ personal possessions. Despite the circumstances, the band has made it quite clear that they have no intention of canceling any shows and will be pressing on. Anyone interested in helping the band out financially can do so by donating to their PayPal account – [email protected] We wish the band all of the best as they get back on their feet.

Code Orange Kids Working On New Album With Kurt Ballou

Deathwish Inc.’s most recent signing, Code Orange Kids, are currently in God City Studios working on their new album and debut for the label with Kurt Ballou at the helm. The new album will be out soon and great things are expected from these hardcore teen sensations.

Fresh out of high school and with an average age of 18 years old, Pennsylvania’s Code Orange Kids do things their way, creatively cutting their own path through it all. Unconcerned with the direction of other artists, their brand of gritty hardcore/punk is simply refreshing to hear. Merging cryptic melody, dirty hardcore power, and intense dirge into their own uniquely inspired sound.

Code Orange Kids have been holed up all week at God City Studios with Kurt Ballou (Torche, High on Fire, Converge) at the helm engineering their forthcoming Deathwish debut LP. Code Orange Kids drummer Jami Morgan commented, “We are very, very excited to be here. Kurt has made tons of our favorite records and we respect him as an engineer and musician immensely, as many others do.” The band will be recording ten new tracks for their yet-to-be titled album. Morgan continued, “Shit’s going to be buck.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Code Orange Kids will head out to Europe in July to play a few shows with Defeater and they will also be making an appearance at this year’s This Is Hardcore Fest.

07/07: Karlsruhe, Germany @ New Noise Fest
07/08: Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands @ Het Kastel
07/09: Hamburg, Germany @ Logo
07/10: Schweinfurt, Germany @ Alter Stattbahnhof
07/11: Salzburg, Austria @ Rockhouse Bar
07/12: Munchen, Germany @ Feierwerk
07/13: Koln, Germany @ Essigfabrik
07/15: Giessen, Germany @ MUK
07/16: Zurich, Switzerland @ Dynamo Werk 21
07/17: Milano, Italy @ Lo Fi
07/18: Comacchio, Italy @ Voodoo CLub
07/19: Wien, Austria @ Arena
07/20: Rockycany, Czech Republic @ Fluff Fest
07/21: As, Belgium @ Vlamrock
08/11 Philadelphia, PA @ This Is Hardcore Fest

Video: Code Orange Kids – “My Body is a Well”

Pittsburgh’s Code Orange Kids have debuted the video for “My Body is a Well” off their split 7″ EP with Full Of Hell. You can purchase that here. The band recently signed with Deathwish Inc.