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INTEGRITY Sign to Indie Recordings; New Album Out in 2013

IntegrityLegendary Holy Terror hardcore band Integrity have inked a deal with Indie Recordings. The formerly Cleveland-based band will be releasing a new album in 2013 but in the meantime they will issue a limited edition 7″ titled Black Heksen Rise. The 7″ will have two previously-released songs that have remastered just for the release, “Black Heksen Rise” and “VVaiting For The Sun (To Burn Your Eyes Out)”. Below is the official press release and also a video for “Black Heksen Rise”.

INDIE RECORDINGS are proud to announce the signing of the legendary Holy Terror cult band INTEGRITY!

Leaders of their generation and innovators of an entire music genre, INTEGRITY have announced the release of a limited edition 7″ titled “Black Heksen Rise” that will be included as part of the INDIE RECORDINGS 7-inch Collector’s Series. Limited to 500 copies worldwide (100 grey, 200 white, 200 black), the 7″ will be released Feb. 8 in the U.S., Norway, Germany and Austria, and Feb. 12 in the rest of Europe. You can pre-order your copy HERE.

The 7-inch features two remastered songs, “Black Heksen Rise” and “VVaiting For The Sun (To Burn Your Eyes Out),” both of which see the band’s trademark sound permeated by somewhat more of an obvious Japanese metal influence through raw, driving power chords; explosive solos and crazy tapping runs, and pounding mid-paced breaks with just the right amount of eerie melody.

INTEGRITY, which currently consists of Dwid Hellion and Robert Orr, have been ravaging the underground scene since the early ’90s and have no plans to stop! Along with the 7″, the band will be releasing a new album through INDIE RECORDINGS scheduled for a release in the spring of 2013.

INTEGRITY – “Palm Sunday (Live in 1992)” LP To Be Released on RSD

We just got word that Organized Crime Records has a special treat for this year’s Record Store Day. They will releasing a vinyl edition of Integrity‘s Palm Sunday (Live in 1992) album. There will be two versions of the record available only in U.S. and International stores. No online sales for the time being. Or even at all. So start working on your connections and hook-ups at the stores listed below.

We are pleased to announce the release of INTEGRITY Palm Sunday (Live in 1992) on vinyl for Record Store Day 04/21/12. This edition includes new layout by Dwid Hellion as well as liner notes from Aaron Melnick and an 18” x 24” poster. This 10 track set, recorded in 1992 in Cleveland, gives a terrifying glimpse at an early show

US version:
White vinyl limited of 250 copies
Available Exclusively at these U.S. stores

-Celebrated Summer in Baltimore MD.
-Reckless Records in Chicago IL.
-TKO Records in Fountain Valley CA.

International version:
Solid Grey vinyl limited to 325 copies
Available to any non US store.

Free Show: Integrity, Ceremony, and Pulling Teeth

Scion continues their trend of metal shows with another FREE one with Integrity, Ceremony, and Pulling Teeth. The FREE show is on Saturday, November 13 at The Roxy in Los Angeles. If you’re in the area and like FREE shows, we highly suggest and recommend that you RSVP immediately as space is limited. To RSVP, head over to the Scion page here.

Integrity rarely plays shows nowadays, let alone shows in the U.S., so take advantage of this appearance by the Godfathers of Cleveland Hardcore.

Magic Bullet Records Reissues, Remasters, and Expands Christie Front Drive’s S/T Debut

Once upon a time emo wasn’t necessarily a dirty word. Thanks to Brent Eyestone and Magic Bullet Records it’s about to become easier to understand why. Magic Bullet Records has re-issued Christie Front Drive‘s seminal self titled album. While Christie Front Drive was never insanely successful in their heyday the influence they had on the music world is undeniable. Jimmy Eat World, who’s first big release was a split with CFD, credits the band as a major influence and for bringing them to the attention of the major label’s who were courting Christie Front Drive when the band decided to disband. Alternative Press listed them as one of the 23 Bands Who Shaped Punk, placing them among bands like Fugazi, Black Flag, Descendents, and Integrity. Whether you knew it or not, they were a big deal. Though their album being out of print didn’t exactly help keep the name alive.

Thanks Magic Bullet Records that’s no longer a problem. The label has re-issued Christie Front Drive‘s self titled album, complete with a new remaster of the record’s original mix for high fidelity and a DVD of the band’s final show in 1996. The footage on the DVD has been digitally transferred from the original VHS camcorder technology of the era, but the quality is surprising and a true treat for long time fans of the band. Magic Bullet has reissued the album on both CD and vinyl. The CD’s are available now, and the vinyl will start shipping soon. Order your copy here.

Video: Brain Drill “Beyond Bludgeoned”

Brain Drill will release their new album Quantum Catastrophe on May 11th, but Bloody Disgusting and Metal Blade have teamed up to bring you a taste now. Since their last album Apocalyptic Feasting Brain Drill have replaced 3/4th’s of their line up yet this new track shows them just as brutal as before, although we admit that the new guys have a melodic edge to their chops that make them more Dillinger Escape Plan than Six Feet Under. Even if you don’t like death metal, instead preferring math rock or something, Brain Drill could find themselves in your rotation. Also we at The 1st Five think it’s important to ask meaningful questions of the music we talk about, like why is a death metal band performing in the country side on a sunny afternoon?
Check out the video for “Beyond Bludgeoned,” then continue reading to see the epic sci-fi approach to zombie destruction featured on Quantum‘s album art.

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Free Music: Deathwish Inc. / Six Feet Under Spring Sampler

Everyone’s favorite aggressive music label, Deathwish Inc., have teamed up with Six Feet Under Records to bring you their FREE Spring Music Sampler:

“Deathwish/Malfunction along with Six Feet Under Records are proud to present “MMX”, our most ambitious and eclectic FREE Digital sampler to date. “MMX” features 36 fantastic contributions (many of which are unreleased) from some of the most anticipated hardcore/punk/metal releases due out in the future.

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Integrity To Release “The Blackest Curse” Via Deathwish Inc. May 27th

Long running hardcore band Integrity will release their new album “The Blackest Curse” via Deathwish Inc. on May 27th. The album’s cover art is below, click read more for the label’s press release.

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