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Video: OLD MAN GLOOM – “The Lash”

Old Man GloomSimian post-heavy everything OLD MAN GLOOM have dumped a video for the song “The Lash” (from their recently-released album The Ape Of God)unto the world. Shot and directed by Andrew Cox, the video’s mysterious and open imagery of the desolate desert create a sharp contrast to the dissonant and constricting music. A perfect pairing.

Bring on the gloom!

Our Top Records List for 2014 That You Should Like Too. Maybe.


2014 was a very good year for a lot of great music released by some killer bands and musicians. There was easily something for everyone covering all kinds of sounds and genres and scenes. If you didn’t find something that appealed to you in the slightest, then you’re still dwelling in the past and unwilling to check out something new. And exciting considering all the great albums we listened to and blew our collective minds.

Here’s what we completely dug and you should have too. In no particular order or preference of course.

Whirr-SwayNothing GuiltyBeach SlangMamiffer

The newgaze punkers completely knocked it out of the park by not only surprising long-time fans with a revamped sound that pushed their style of noisy, fuzzed-out indie and doing away with the female vocals, this was proof that Whirr can do anything. And they make it awesome.

NothingGuilty of Everything
Partners in crime with Whirr, Nothing’s proper full-length debut record went above and beyond what anyone would have expected. A truer shoegaze noise sound that set them apart from anyone else in the current scene. They rule.

Beach SlangWho Would Ever Want Anything So Broken? and Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street EPs
A complete throwback to the sounds that The Replacements would have created if they were ingrained in today’s post-punk music scene. Two complete EPs for the end of summertime fun. Feeling miserable about the summer ending never felt so good.

MamifferStatu Nascendi
Shinier production and veering away from their usually subdued sounds didn’t hurt Mamiffer one bit. The emotions that develop listening to their music is what makes them so great and personal. It’s the sound of having your soul stirred down to the core.

Candy HeartsTaylor-Swift-T.S.-1989Code Orange Kidsdeathoflovers.buried.hi

Candy HeartsAll The Ways You Let Me Down
Pop punk is fun again.

Taylor Swift1989
The once country music princess is now full-on pop queen. This is a fun record that will make even the most angst-ridden metalhead want to shake their booty. Or shake it off. And that’s me of course.

Code OrangeI Am King
Complete aggression in a sound so heavy that it may be mistaken for anything other than hardcore. It’s a new level of anger and portrayal of life’s letdowns as seen through the eyes of the new generation in heavy music.

Death Of LoversBuried Under A World Of Roses
What is better than Whirr and Nothing joining forces to create the ultimate in shoegaze noise. More ambient and layered than the individual bands’ sounds, this proves that when a group of musicians come together, great music can be made. And music that hits you in the heart.

FrontiersKittyhawkWhirr NothingYouth Code

Frontier(s)White Lights
Veterans of the Louisville music scene return with their most solid and assured release to date. The band has found their groove and made what is their best music to date.

KittyhawkHello, Again
Indie pop with traces of emo and even grunge. Lovely is the best way to describe not only the band but their music.

Whirr / Nothing – Split
The greatest split ever recorded by the two greatest bands in the newgaze scene. It’s a no-brainer that this would be a top release when first announced.

Youth CodeA Place To Stand
Industrial music for the jaded hardcore punk generation. With cleaner production, the duo’s pummeling style of EBM is even more hard-hitting and thought-provoking. Hard-edged music that you can jam to but also makes you think.

Triptykon-Melana-ChasmataHave A nice Life WorldOld_Man_GloomUnrestrained

TriptykonMelana Chasmata
Is it doom? Is it black metal? Is it…? Whatever style or genre music you may feel forced to tag this band and album with, one thing is very clear, this is metal that is emotionally saturated and heavy as fuck. And the atmospheric sounds created form an ambience of dread. That’s what metal and great music should do, stir you up.

Have A Nice LifeThe Unnatural World
Another band whose music is hard to pin down. But at the end of the day, HANL create music that enthralls you and pulls you every which way in moving you and hitting you right between the eyes.

Old Man GloomThe Ape Of God
Proving that they’re still pissed off and have plenty more to say in heaviness, OMG return with their most cohesive and angry record to date. Don’t let their tomfoolery fool you, when it comes to the music, these guys are dead serious.

UnrestrainedForward Unto Death
Speaking of being pissed off. Ever wonder what happens when a bunch of jaded and pissed off HxC dudes get together and start a band? Yeah. That’s Unrestrained for you. This is the record that proved that hardcore and punk can still be angry and moving as the day that you picked up that Gorilla Biscuits LP when you were 16 years old. But today you’re older and not necessarily wiser but still angry at the world and with something to say. Hardcore perfection.

Ides Of Gemini CoverBlack MonolithMilky Whitenewmoon_invitationtohold_hi

Ides of GeminiOld World New Wave
Doom-ladden metal that creates an almost-mystical vibe the more and more you listen to them. If there were ever a soundtrack for the Salem witches, this would be it. The dark vibe and ethereal feel to their music, makes Ides of Gemini feel like something not of this dark world.

Black MonolithPassenger
A lot is being made of black metal these days. Especially in the U.S with crossovers of styles. But Black Monolith keep it as it should be: straight-up and pissed off. No frills, no gimmicks. This is black metal as it should be.

Milky WhiteMilky White
This proof that a current band can pay plenty of homage to a music scene of long ago while still putting a new and unique spin of their own so as to stand out. Their take on indie pop is not only sugary sweet with some added and needed bitterness, but it’s the right amounts of memorable pop hooks and guitar fuzziness to make them stand out from the rest.

NewmoonInvitation To Hold
A band experimenting with swirling guitars and dreamy vocals to create an ambience perfectly made for today’s newgaze scene. The sound has been compared to the likes of 90′s heroes Slowdive and current bands like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and it couldn’t be more right and accurate. But there’s more to Newmoon than this. And this EP is their very strong first outing.


2014 definitely proved to be a year on great music. Some released by new bands that gained a lot of fans and a few gems by long-standing groups and artists that further showed by they’re at the top of their creative game. Surely, there’s plenty more records we didn’t cover or reference. That doesn’t mean they didn’t warrant any merit. It just means it’s a chance for us and you to delve further into all the great music that is out there.

Next year is already looking promising with new records from Blacklisted, Harm’s Way, Bandit, SUMAC, Mutoid Man, and MTHR, just to name a few. And we’re very much excited and looking forward to these and plenty more that may surprise us down the road.

We hope you had a great 2014. We wish you a very happy holiday season. And here’s to 2015 being even better all around.

Your friends through music.

OLD MAN GLOOM Announce West Coast Run of Dates in 2015

Old Man Gloom“Behold! A fiendish masterpiece from the bowels of hell!”

Old Man Gloom have announced a run of dates in the West Coast for 2015. Venues to be announced surely. If this is for real that is. You never knew from this band of merry pranksters.

02/26/15 – VANCOUVER, BC
02/27/15 – SEATTLE, WA
02/28/15 – PORTLAND, OR
03/02/15 – CHICO, CA
03/03/15 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA
03/04/15 – LOS ANGELES, CA

Watch Now: OLD MAN GLOOM – “Here Is A Gift For You” Documentary

Old Man GloomUp now to watch and enjoy is the documentary of sludge metal group Old Man Gloom. Titled Here Is A Gift For You, the documentary not only features live performances by the group, but also covers their history and mythos.

Old Man Gloom have a new album, Ape of God, to be released on Nov 11th via Profound Lore and SIGE Records. The LP will be a follow-up to 2012′s NO as released by Hydra Head. The band, consists of Aaron Turner (ISIS, Mamiffer), Nate Newton (Converge, Doomriders), Caleb Scofield (Cave In, Zozobra), and Santos Montano.

OLD MAN GLOOM: HERE IS A GIFT FOR YOU from kenneth thomas on Vimeo.

OLD MAN GLOOM Announce New Album “Ape of God” Out on Nov. 11th and Film “Here Is A Gift For You”

Old Man GloomNoise-making unit OLD MAN GLOOM have returned with the announcement of a new album, Ape of God, to be released on Nov 11th via Profound Lore and SIGE Records. The LP will be a follow-up to 2012’s NO as released by Hydra Head. The band, consisting of Aaron Turner (ISIS, Mamiffer), Nate Newton (Converge, Doomriders), Caleb Scofield (Cave In, Zozobra), and Santos Montano, also have a film to be released in the Fall entitled Here Is A Gift For You. Details on the film are sparse, but if the trailer is any indication, it will be part documentary on the band and its mythos and live performance documentation.

Watch the trailer for Here Is A Gift For You below and get excited.

Old Man Gloom: Here Is a Gift for You – trailer from kenneth thomas on Vimeo.

OLD MAN GLOOM Recording New Material To Be Out In 2014

Old Man GloomOld Man Gloom, the post-metal (if one were to give it such a tag) group comprised of Aaron Turner (ISIS, Mamiffer), Santos Montano, Nate Newton (Converge, Doomriders), and Caleb Scofield (Cave In, Zozobra), are working on a new record with engineer/producer Kurt Ballou (Converge, engineer for many others!).

This is all coming from Turner himself who posted on his various social media outlets:

Old Man Gloom has commenced work on new recordings. These will appear in the form of a new album via Profound Lore (digital), and SIGE Records (analog) in 2014. Phase One was completed as of 12/13/13. The group will reconvene for Phase Two in 06/14. Kurt Ballou is presiding over the production activity sector. The Gloom Group in this formation consists of AT, SM, CS and NN. Thank you.

OMG last released NO in 2012 via Hydra Head Records. This is of course welcomed news. Bring on the gloom!

CONVERGE Announce Australian Tour for February 2013 with Old Man Gloom

converge livePerpetual touring monsters Converge have announced a run of tour dates in Australia for February 2013. Old Man Gloom will be joining them on the tour.

February 12 Amplifier, Perth
February 13 Fowlers, Adelaide Lic / AA
February 14 Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
February 15 Billboard, Melbourne
February 16 Manning Bar, Sydney
February 17 Hi Fi, Brisbane

OLD MAN GLOOM Announced West Coast Tour

The gloom continues! This time in the West Coast. OLD MAN GLOOM have announced a set of dates in September.

09/03 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo w/ William Fowler Collins, Sad Vicious, & Ides of Gemini
09/04 San Diego, CA @ The Soda Bar w/ William Fowler Collins, Sad Vicious, & Ides of Gemini
09/05 San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill w/ William Fowler Collins & Sad Vicious
09/08 Seattle, WA @ The Highline

OLD MAN GLOOM Stream New Song “Common Species”

Hosted over at Pitchfork, Old Man Gloom have debuted a track off their upcoming new album, and first in eight in years, NO. The album is due out on June 26th from Hydra Head. The track, “Common Species”, is all things OMG and more. Heavy and noisy and multi-layered with ambience and electronics. Basically, all things that we love about Old Man Gloom.

To hear the track and whet your apetite for the new album, click here.

Vinyl Nerds: Old Man Gloom – NO 2xLP Pre-order

Pre-orders for Old Man Gloom‘s new record, NO, are up and running over at the Hydra Head webstore. The 2xLP is available for pre-order in four nifty colors:

Clear w/ Black Marble
Red w/ Black Marble

If you look around the webstore, you will also find a cassette version as well as some shirts and hoodies. The 2xLP is expected to be out on June 26th. A digital download is also included with the record.